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Strymon MultiSwitchStrymon MultiSwitch Reverse

MultiSwitch for Strymon Pedals


A version of the Strymon MultiSwitch, this triple footswitch is designed to expand the footswitchable capacity of the Strymon BigSky, TimeLine and Mobius effects pedals.

Saint Rock Distortion PedalSaint Rock Distortion Pedal Reverse

Saint Rock Distortion Pedal


Evoking the majestic British roar of an original Marshall Silver Jubilee amp, the Saint Rock Distortion Pedal distills anthemic wall-of-sound tone into a tiny red box. Classic rock mojo at its most stylish, only from

Dark Arts Tap Tempo PhaserDark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser ReverseOut of stock

Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser


Master the dark art of phase shifting with the Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser. Sixteen wave forms and a host of control options offer almost limitless control of 90 degrees of fully analogue phase, allowing you to create sounds the world has never heard before. Now with v2.0 improvements including updated control structure and a vastly improved Feedback control.

Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost PedalOut of stock

Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost Pedal


The Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost pedal takes the sound of the world ending – and makes it even louder. Huge, heavy, army-stoppingly good tones await, with an independent boost loud enough to bring any audience to its knees.

Angel of Doom Fuzz PedalOut of stock

Angel of Doom Fuzz Pedal


The Angel of Doom is an essential addition to your fuzz pedal collection. Based on an original ’78 op-amp Muff, but with a few additions to make it unique, the Angel of Doom can do anything from a touch of vintage hair to a thick firewall of fuzz, heavy enough to bring an entire empire to its knees. You have been warned.

Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo Pedal v2.0Out of stock

Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo Pedal v3.0


The Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo pedal is a beautiful, footprint-small but feature-big tremolo, capable of creating all kinds of custom shapes and sounds. Version 3.0 adds a second fully analogue signal line, and the ability to choose true stereo tremolo, or panning between the two paths.

Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay PedalOut of stock

Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal


The Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal takes the already impressive specifications of its little brother (the Dark Times Delay Pedal) and adds a tap tempo switch, a tempo LED, a tempo in / out socket, and a modulation control, for the the most stylish and devilishly useful delay pedal this side of Valhalla.

Murder One Triple KillswitchMurder One Triple Killswitch Reverse

Murder One Triple Killswitch


Our ultimate killswitch. The Murder One Triple Killswitch can stutter your signal, kill it completely, and then bring it back to life with a momentary “unkill” switch. It’s the last and only killswitch you’ll ever need.

Dark Times Delay Pedal

Dark Times Delay Pedal


More than just another delay pedal, the Dark Times goes from 35 – 950 milliseconds of increasingly perverse delay, and features an effects loop with an active blend control to further the echo madness. With soft touch buffered bypass as standard, the Dark Times also features trails – repeats that fade naturally away after the effect has been disengaged.

Holy Roar Distortion and Boost PedalHoly Roar Distortion and Boost Pedal Reverse

Holy Roar Distortion and Boost Pedal


A beautiful, full bodied distortion based on the Marshall JTM45, with a separate Boost channel, the Holy Roar is the distortion and boost pedal to rule them all.

Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0 Reverse

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal v2.0


Simple as a drummer, with a fuzz tone bigger than the end of the world, Saint Doom is the fuzz pedal you’ve been waiting for.

Angel of Rock Distortion PedalAngel of Rock Distortion Pedal Reverse

Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal


Summon the mighty Gods of Loud with the Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal from Small, mighty, stylish, and with a creamy, saturated rock distortion tone to die for.

Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal

Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal


A modern take on a classic overdrive circuit, the Angel of Blues offers a range of options and a vast array of professional grade overdrive tones.

Little Horn Clean Boost v3.0Little Horn Clean Boost v3.0 Reverse

Little Horn Guitar Boost Pedal v3.0


Your tone – but better! The Little Horn Guitar Boost Pedal gives your volume a clean, transparent but powerful boost, with up to +24dB available, and an added tone control with the new version 3. Great for adding definition to your solos, or for pushing your amps and effects pedals to wicked extremes.

Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper StripGallows Multiple True Bypass Looper Strip Reverse

Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper


For the total tone purist, true bypass loop strips are the only way to go. Now you can go there in style with the Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper.

Murder One XLR KillswitchMurder One XLR Killswitch Reverse

Murder One XLR Killswitch


Silently and conveniently silence XLR signals with this small and stylish Murder One Killswitch from

The Separator ABY Pedal

Separator ABY Pedal


Select between two destinations for your signal, or select them both, with the SEPARATOR ABY pedal.

Noose True Bypass Looper

Noose True Bypass Looper


An awesome true bypass looper from Silence noisy pedals and kill tone suck. Just enough rope to sound awesome!

Strymon Favourite SwitchStrymon Favourite Switch Reverse

Strymon Favorite Switch from


Save your favourite settings on your Strymon effects pedals forever, and switch between them and the settings on your pedal’s control knobs with the Strymon Favorite Switch from

Murder One Latching Killswitch with LEDMurder One Latching Killswitch with LED Reverse

Murder One Killswitch


Sometimes you love something so much, you have to kill it. Your tone should be no different. Maintain absolute silence between songs or create cool stutter effects with the Murder One killswitch.

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Vein Tap – Tap Tempo Pedal


The original, and… well, oldest. Use the Vein Tap tap tempo pedal to control your pedals, and to dramatically increase your pedalboard’s (or pedalboards’) awesomeness.