FS3X Triple Momentary Footswitch


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Expand many pedals’ on-stage usefulness with this incredible, triple-headed slice of awesomeness: our FS3X triple momentary footswitch.

Purchase this slice of awesomeness now and earn 58 Vein Tap Points!


FS3X Triple Momentary Footswitch

Our triple momentary footswitch is designed to work with a range of high-end pedals, including Digitech, Eventide, and Strymon pedals.

Please note that this pedal requires a stereo patch cable to work!


The FS3X triple momentary footswitch is confirmed to be compatible with the following pedals:


Brian May Red Special Pedal

EX7 Expression Factory

Jamman Solo Looper

Jamman Stereo Looper

Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal

TimeBender Digital Delay

Trio+ Band Creator & Looper

Whammy DT


Eventide BG250 Bass Combo

Eventide BH250 Bass Micro Head

Eventide BH550

Eventide BH800

Eventide H9

Eventide Modfactor

Eventide Nova Drive

Eventide Nova System

Eventide Pitchfactor

Eventide Space

Eventide Timefactor


Strymon BigSky

Strymon Mobius

Strymon Timeline

The FS3X can be used to replace the Digitech FS3X, the Digitech FS300, and the TC Electronic G-Switch.

Blast your pedals wide open with this amazingly useful footswitch!

Buy a FS3X Triple Momentary Footswitch now! It makes more sense than playing air guitar to an Iron Maiden album!

Additional information

Weight 0.216 kg
Dimensions 60 × 120 × 34 mm

8 reviews for FS3X Triple Momentary Footswitch

  1. bassheavy2002 (verified owner)

    So good. Feels great, looks great. Super simple design for exactly what i needed!

    Ben is a pleasure to deal with as well. Super quick and easy comms.

    Support this man!

  2. Cory OCarroll (verified owner)

    I searched for months to an alternative to the Digitech Fs3x footswitch and could not find anything in the states. This was not only affordable but is such a quality made pedal! It is also the perfect size for my pedal board. Thank you!!!

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    This is a FIRST CLASS pedal.

    Switches are soft touch and the metal case robust with an industrial beauty.

    It’s compact yet built cleverly with the rear pair of footswitches set higher than the front one.

    I had the branded footswitch and didn’t hold on to it but this one is securely bonded to my Pedaltrain 2 using two tie wraps.

    Another great Vein Tap pedal.

  4. barneyhead65 (verified owner)

    Lovely smooth silent switching great quality!

  5. Philscott2 (verified owner)

    Excellent Pedal.

    Using with my Eventide H9 to bank up/down and tap tempo.
    Well built and the switches are well placed and very smooth.
    Arrived in a couple of days and communication from the guys was first class.
    Defo a good buy, and a professional company !

  6. farras (verified owner)

    Bought for my Digitech JamMan, works brilliantly, made to Vein Taps usual high standards…..could have done with one of their cool paint jobs!

  7. jean n (verified owner)

    Super switch, petit,costaud et pratique…. Prix imbattable et livraison ultra rapide…..
    C’est parfait!!!!

  8. Pascal G (verified owner)

    I bought the fs3x as an aux switching system for the Eventide H9. It’s solidly built and the switches facilitate easy changes for a multiple of functions. I love it. Nice work Vein tap. A great product.

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