Murder One Triple Killswitch


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Our ultimate killswitch. The Murder One Triple Killswitch can stutter your signal, kill it completely, and then bring it back to life with a momentary “unkill” switch. It’s the last and only killswitch you’ll ever need.

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The Last Killswitch You’ll Ever Need

Here at, we love killswitches: in fact, the Murder One Killswitch is currently our top-selling product. But we have trouble leaving well enough alone, and we realised there was one thing we could do to improve our killswitch range even further: add a switch which can bring your signal back to life.

We’ve put together this quick 60 Second Pedal Demo to show you how the Murder One Triple Killswitch works: please do enjoy!

Three Kinds of Killswitch in One Beautiful Pedal

In the centre, you’ve got a simple, soft touch, momentary killswitch. Hit this switch and your signal will die: release it and it will return. On the left, you’ve got a latching killswitch: hit the switch once, and your signal dies; hit it again, and it’s brought back to life. A helpful LED tells you whether your signal is alive or dead. Then, on the right, we’ve got another soft touch switch: this “unkill” switch works when the latching killswitch is engaged, momentarily bringing it back to life, only for as long as the switch is held down.

You can create all kinds of rhythms, textures and riffs with these three switches: you’re limited only by your imagination, which the Murder One Triple Killswitch vastly expands.

Buy a Murder One Triple Killswitch now! It makes more sense than booze at Christmas!

Murder One Triple Killswitch Face

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Dimensions 111 × 60 × 32 mm

11 reviews for Murder One Triple Killswitch

  1. Jonathan Bennett (verified owner)

    Excellent pedal for a great stuttering effect on my heavy guitar settings. The latch switch is a bonus, I use this when I want no noise from my guitar, and particularly when the lead is just disconnected.
    Not tried the other switch in a composition yet. Stuttering on rather than off should be good!
    This is the best pedal kill switch I could find, and even though you don’t need a power supply, the led is handy to know if your signal is off.

  2. birdemaypowell (verified owner)

    great pedal simple

  3. GLENN DALTON (verified owner)

    An excellent killswitch that was priced well, does exactly what you would expect, and comes in a very solid high quality build.
    Ben was great to deal with and promptly responds to any questions you might have via email.
    Delivery time from UK to Australia was very speedy.
    All in all … a 5 star killswitch with an added two thumbs up from me here!

  4. scottmhallett (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was after! Build quality is top notch, the price is insane for the quality and it arrived super fast even for international shipping. Anyone after a kill switch, this is the one! Used with bass, synths and guitar without issue.

  5. suzukitard (verified owner)

    Build quality is so good. All of the switches feel really nice and smooth also. These itching feels really nice and doesn’t break up the tone as it cuts it out. Ben was in contact with me throughout the whole process and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite pedal purchases thus far! Will definitely be back to buy the whole line up.

  6. lildaveupton (verified owner)

    The best kill switch on the market. I use it all the time. Has multiple uses with the latching button. Looking forward to buying the effects loop selector pedal next.

  7. ohnge (verified owner)

    just as great as i expected!
    fast delivery to germany, a reasonable price and a great looking pedal.
    everything perfect.

  8. owenania (verified owner)

    Jusht fabuloush Mish Moneypenny.

  9. eco (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Very well-conceived. Just in case you are wondering: When in „stutter“ mode the right switch does not bring back the signal back and vice versa. No unwanted side effect, when you hit both switches accidentally. I ordered this along with a Separator ABY and both Pedals work as expected and to my full satisfacting. Couldn’t be happier. Also Vein-Tap ships for reasonable shipping cost to germany. I received my products within a few days.

    Ein tolles Pedal. Sehr durchdacht. Für alle, die sich fragen, wie sich die Modes/Switches beeinflussen: Wenn der „stutter“ Mode aktiv ist, bringt der rechte Switch das Signal nicht zurück und umgekehrt. Das verhindert, dass man das Signal unbeabsichtigt zurückholt oder tötet, wenn man aus Versehen auf beide Switches tritt. Ich habe dieses Pedal zusammen mit einem Separator ABY gekauft und beide Pedale arbeiten perfekt und zu meiner vollen Zufriedenheit. Vein-Tap verschickt die Ware zu günstigen Portobedingungen (knapp unter 10 Euro für die beiden Pedale) nach Deutschland. Die Bestellung kam innerhalb weniger Tage an.

  10. Danny McAuley (verified owner)

    I’m over the moon with this, works exactly how it’s meant to, looks great and is cheap as chips for the quality – solid, quiet and dependable. Thanks Ben, I’ll be back for more!

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