Noiseless and deadly as a ninja, these killswitch & volume control pedals are what your pedalboard needs.

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Murder One Triple KillswitchMurder One Triple Killswitch Reverse

Murder One Triple Killswitch


Our ultimate killswitch. The Murder One Triple Killswitch can stutter your signal, kill it completely, and then bring it back to life with a momentary “unkill” switch. It’s the last and only killswitch you’ll ever need.

Murder One Latching Killswitch with LEDMurder One Latching Killswitch with LED Reverse

Murder One Killswitch


Sometimes you love something so much, you have to kill it. Your tone should be no different. Maintain absolute silence between songs or create cool stutter effects with the Murder One killswitch.

Leech Passive Volume AttenuatorLeech Passive Volume Attenuator Reverse

Leech Passive Volume Guitar Attenuator


With the ability to bleed a range beautiful crunchy or clean tones out of a lead tone, the Leech Volume Guitar Attenuator gives your amp a whole new dimension.