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The Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal takes the already impressive specifications of its little brother (the Dark Times Delay Pedal) and adds a tap tempo switch, a tempo LED, a tempo in / out socket, and a modulation control, for the the most stylish and devilishly useful delay pedal this side of Valhalla.

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The Tap Tempo Delay Pedal You’ve Always Wanted

New for 2024: Holy Era v2.0


In 2016, we released the Dark Times Delay pedal – a beautiful little piece of kit which took up to 950ms of increasingly perverse delay, and coupled it with a blendable effects loop, which allowed those chosen few who own one to create previously unheard delay tones. Add immortal build quality, soft touch switching with tail bypass, and a lifetime guarantee, and surely you’ve got the ultimate delay pedal, right? Almost, but not quite. There were a few more things to add before we could rest. And now, with the Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay pedal, they’re finally here.

As always, video demos, not words! Check out the Holy Era’s Tone Demo with this lovely YouTube clip:

So, before we tell you about what makes the Holy Era even fantasticker than the Dark Times, let’s recap what brilliance the Holy Era’s inherited from its little brother:

  • 35 – 950 milliseconds of analogue-voiced delay: almost a full second of beautiful, analogue-voiced delay is available from this frankly sexy pedal.
  • Soft touch switching: turn the effect on and off silently with a soft touch latching relay bypass circuit.
  • Tails bypass: the delay trails naturally and organically fade away, even when the effect has been switched off.
  • Manic self-oscillation: dive into a world of sweet, slightly-worrying noise with repeats repeating on themselves and creating rough-hewn soundscapes, which may make you forget to play your guitar for minutes at a time.
  • An active, blendable effects loop: the pedal’s on-board effects loop allows you to add other pedals which affect the repeats, and not the original signal. What’s even better is you can blend the two together, allowing for any ratio of wet to dry signal.

Add our standard Vein-Tap.com lifetime guarantee, and almost irresponsible affordability, and that’s what the Holy Era has taken from Dark Times.

What’s this about an effects loop?

As with the Dark Times, there’s an effects loop integrated into the Holy Era. This means that you’re able to use other effects pedals to affect the repeats, and not the original signal. Add an octave pedal to add a subtle but noticeable sense of hugeness, or put a pitch shifter with a harmony or octave up to add a shimmering, organ-like sound normally only found on high-end reverb units.

The options are limitless, and you can literally create custom tones the guitar playing community have never heard before. Use a fuzz for a sinful, lo-fi delay which follows your unaffected tone, or add tremolo to make things really weird. Put a flanger or a phaser in the loop to make your repeats wobble erratically.

We think you get the picture. It’s a great way to make your delay tone completely your own.

So What’s New with the Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal?

When we released Dark Times, we were told there was only one way to improve on it: by adding tap tempo. So we did.

The soft touch tap tempo footswitch allows you to tap your foot to tell the Holy Era what the delay tempo should be, overriding the onboard Delay Time control. And, when you’re ready to reset, simply turn the Delay Time control to a new setting, or re-tap the tempo in, and you’re good to go.

But wait! There’s more. A three-position Tap Ratio selection switch allows you to control whether the tempo you set, either with the Delay Time control or with the tap tempo switch, is full time, half time, or dotted eighth time. What does this mean? Simply this:

  • Full time: the repeats come at exactly the tempo set.
  • Half time: the repeats come at twice the tempo set.
  • Dotted eighth time: the repeats come at 75% of the tempo set.

Dotted eighth time is wonderful: it allows for those spacious delay tones which made the Edge from U2 so famous. Those chiming, stadium-filling sounds are yours to command with Holy Era.

But WAIT! There’s even more. A tap in / out socket on the side of the pedal allows you to sync your tempo with your pedalboard. You can control other, compatible pedals with the Holy Era’s tap tempo switch – or allow the Holy Era’s tempo to be set by another, compatible pedal.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE STILL! We’ve also added a modulation control, which allows you to add a chorus effect to the repeats without needing an external modulation pedal. Go from subtle sways to drastic wobbles, all with one control on the Holy Era. It’s a thing of true beauty which, coupled with the active effects loop, allows you to create unimaginable, brand new tones.

Put simply, the Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal is the delay unit you always knew you needed.

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