Noose True Bypass Looper


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An awesome true bypass looper from Silence noisy pedals and kill tone suck. Just enough rope to sound awesome!

Earn up to 80 Vein Tap Points.


True Bypass Looper in Hard Click and Soft Touch Versions

Just enough rope to sound incredible. There are certain effects pedals which sound absolutely awesome when engaged, but give you what’s known as “tone suck” when switched off but left in the signal path, robbing you blind of the beautiful tones your guitar is capable of. What some people choose to do is retrofit a true bypass switch into their pedals, but this can be a bit of a false economy: non-true bypass pedals are either too old and precious to even consider hacking up (it robs them of their retro character anyway) or too cheap to warrant the expense of converting it. The answer? A True Bypass Looper, served with’s characteristic style.

This pedal adds true bypass switching to any effects pedal without having to make a single alteration. Simply drop it into the Noose True Bypass Looper’s send and return loop and you’re away. You can leave the pedal on constantly, and use the Noose to switch it in and out of your signal path: this can be especially handy for Wah pedals, some of which can be tricky to switch on in the heat and noise of a live gig. Also, apart from anything else… just look at the Noose. It’s beautiful.

Available in Hard Click and Soft Touch Actions

For a couple more quid, you can choose to upgrade your Noose True Bypass Looper to the Soft-Touch version. This version uses a completely silent footswitch and a relay to deliver silent true-bypass loopering. Perfect for quiet stages and intimate acoustic gigs!

These footswitches are also rated for far more hits than hardclick footswitches. Hard click footswitches are rated by the manufacturer for at least 10,000 strikes, which should be enough to last a lifetime – but the soft-click footswitches are rated for at least 1,000,000, with the mechanical relays we use in the circuit rated for even more than that. They’re more dependable than the stage beneath your feet.

Soft-touch Noose True Bypass Loopers are made larger, to accommodate the active circuitry involved, and require 9vDC power to work.

Clean Up Your Signal Path

Wah, Overdrive, Distortion, Modulation… some pedals just rust up your signal path. Take their noise to the gallows. Let ’em swing.

Buy the Noose True Bypass Looper now! It makes more sense than using glow-in-the-dark protection.

Noose True Bypass Looper Face

Covered by the Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight 0.146 kg
Dimensions 92 × 38 × 32 mm

Hard Click, Soft Touch


The Noose True Bypass Looper Instructions

10 reviews for Noose True Bypass Looper

  1. oliverkpettit (verified owner)

    Works perfectly to turn on my Amptweaker Tight Metal JR simultaneously with my TS-Mini!

  2. psihorne (verified owner)

    Really delighted with this pedal. Have an old envelope filter that gives me the sound I want when it’s on, but deadens my whole chain when off. Now it’s cut out, except for when I need it, and everything sounds much better. Small, neat, does the job perfectly. Love it.

  3. Siemion (verified owner)

    Really hand made! Looks great and works great. I’ve tried it before let it be in my chain and there is no signal loss or volume loss-TRUE BYPASS in deed. Very small so it can be added to any pedalboard but the most important is that it let me put out of chain my TU-3 which added too much high definition to the sound.
    Great customer service and fantastic support as I knew nothing about this kind of looper etc. and I’ve asked many questions..
    I’m sure that the other pedals have the same amazing quality.

  4. Carlo Compiani (verified owner)

    Great pedal for the value, I used the pedal in several ways and sound very transparent!

  5. Giacomo (verified owner)

    Purchased the Hard Click version. Does what it’s supposed to with style, and costs half the price of other equally effective, but ugly, pseudoboutique true-bypass looper switches. WIN.

  6. Paul C (verified owner)

    Works exceptionally well, for a good price. Bear that price in mind while I level two minor criticisms: one, there’s a finish ding on mine that you would not find on a production line pedal. Two, no instructions or markings for idiots like me to see what plugs in where. Maybe just post a diagram on website? A solid 9/10 though.

  7. Gus W (verified owner)

    Honestly I don’t know how I’ve got this far without using a true bypass looper. It’s the most useful thing on my board. I use it to turn on reverb, delay, chorus and pog as I use them all the time in my hand. Needles to say I’m already looking into more

  8. Josh H (verified owner)

    The Noose works like an absolute dream! I had the idea to stick my Boss DD-6 in a loop so that I could leave it on the tap tempo setting and then “turn it off” by bypassing the loop. This was a really affordable solution, it was ready and delivered in a couple of days and takes up virtually no space on my board. Thank you, Vein-Tap!

  9. Paul E (verified owner)

    Thank you for my Noose effect pedal. I have used it to loop around my Cray baby pedal, I think this pedal is fantastic. I will be ordering more of the Noose pedals soon.

  10. Chris B (verified owner)

    The service was superb, and it was made and delivered really quickly. One of the inputs wouldn’t hold the jack in place, but a quick open and nudge with a screwdriver sorted it no problem. It’s a really handy box as I need to go from clean to a combination of effects instantly, and this is perfect for the job.
    Thanks Vein Tap!

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