Murder One XLR Killswitch


Silently and conveniently silence XLR signals with this small and stylish Murder One Killswitch from

Earn up to 90 Vein Tap Points.


XLR Killswitch – Latching or Momentary

The  Murder One XLR killswitch is perfect for those who need a convenient way to silence instruments and microphones which use XLR cables. Singing drummers, vocalists who love to get in the pit but hate the feedback, audio engineers who need a handy talkback switch… all kinds of musicians and musical engineers can have a completely noiseless XLR killswitch with the Murder One.

Safe for Dynamic and Condenser Mics – even when Phantom Powered

This XLR killswitch has the advantage of not just being completely free from unwanted pops or signal degradation: it’s also safe to use for phantom powered mics. Get an XLR Murder One Killswitch and relax, knowing your equipment – and your health – is safe.

Momentary or Latching, with or without LEDs

Whether you need an XLR killswitch which will latch (turn on and off with each click of the footswitch) or be momentary (kill the signal only while the switch is held down) we’ve got you covered. You can even choose whether or not you need an LED.

You can also choose whether the Momentary version mutes the XLR signal when it’s pushed, or when it’s released, for an ideal Push to Talk studio talkback switch.

We’re all about value.

The LED will need to be powered by a standard centre negative 2.1mm 9vDC adaptor – let us know if you need help finding one, and we’ll be glad to do so.

But an XLR Murder One Killswitch now! It makes more sense than sense can even make!

Murder One XLR Killswitch Face

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Weight 0.216 kg
Dimensions 122 × 66 × 39 mm

Latching with LED, Latching, Momentary (Push to Mute), Momentary (Push to Talk)


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