Skinny Little Twins – Dual Latching Footswitch


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Control amps, effects pedals, drum machines, and all kinds of audio gadgets with the Skinny Little Twins Dual Latching Footswitch.

Earn up to 60 Vein Tap Points.


Dual Latching Footswitch for Amps & Effects Units

All kinds of musical equipment can make use of a dual latching footswitch, and the Latching Twins are a shining and bulletproof example.


Dual Latching Amp Footswitch

Pretty much every amp out there uses a dual latching footswitch to change channels on the left side, and turn effects on / off with the right. Compiling an exhaustive list would take forever, so check your amp’s manual – if it mentions a dual or “standard” footswitch, you’re golden.

For Effects Units / Drum Machines

There’s all kinds of effects units and drum machines which use latching footswitches – again, listing them would take forever. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’ll advise you further.

Completely Immortal

We’ve made the latching Skinny Little Twins as completely unkillable as the rest of our pedals, because we realise that your average gigging musician needs something that can be trod on over and over, and still ask for more. It’s what we do.

Buy a Skinny Little Twins Dual Latching Footswitch now! It makes more sense than food!

Skinny Little Twins Dual Latching Footswitch with LEDs Face

Covered by the Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight 0.156 kg
Dimensions 92 × 38 × 32 mm

With LEDs, Without LEDs

27 reviews for Skinny Little Twins – Dual Latching Footswitch

  1. Brian Pasco (verified owner)

    Does exactly as it says, and so very well made. I use it now with three very different amps, so I’m in the middle of trying to simply put on labels signifying channel/reverb/vibrato/fat and whether it’s light on/off!! But I’ll get there… So useful having the LEDs where so many name brand amp pedals leave it to the ears to determine whether on or off – not so good mid gig when you forget! Thank you Vein-Tap!

  2. Nicholas Hopkins

    Yup, a true upgrade on many “official” products; well made, smart and simple and space saving. Added to my Supro Delta King 12 it has turned a clunky boost & OD channel switching system into a smooth and practical giggable solution (as am now able to hit BOTH switches at once, taking it from a clean amp, to a clean boosted amp, to a dirty amp, to a dirty boosted amp and instantly back to clean). Also, I ordered the wrong switch type…not a problem, Vein-Tap took care of that, no problem. My 2nd Vein-Tap purchase and will not be my last…trusted builder and solver of problems 🙂 thank you!

  3. philcaffrey1 (verified owner)

    Rock solid and totally reliable. Takes up very little space on the board but still does the job perfectly. And you will never miss it in the dark! Awesome value.

  4. rbenmore (verified owner)

    All good!

  5. (verified owner)

    Excellent little foot switch and works perfectly with my Boss Katana 50

  6. lee__robinson (verified owner)

    Awesome service, time was taken to find the right pedal for my requirement! Will be a repeat customer no doubt

  7. icd32688 (verified owner)

    Dual footswitches with two LEDs are rarely sold. I ordered from Japan but arrived in a short period of time. It is working without problems. Thanks Ben.

  8. ciaranjmurray (verified owner)

    Great little pedal that works the Boost and Tone functions on my Roland Blues Cube Hot, doing the same job as the Boss FS-6 but for a considerably smaller sum of money. Robust, small and works perfectly.

  9. stephen.ellis00 (verified owner)

    Great little pedal – Very robust, lovely finish!

  10. jesse (verified owner)

    Perfect compact replacement for the enormous Marshall-style dual footswitch that came with my amp. Much more appropriate for the pedalboard.

  11. Kerry Mountain (verified owner)

    Bought this to use with my Katana 50 and it works perfectly. Arrived quickly, looks really cool, and seems like it’ll be bombproof (not going to test that though!).

    Compared to the price of a Boss footswitch, this is a no-brainer.

  12. José Veiga (verified owner)

    Gorgeous little thing!
    Beautiful finished, top notch materials and rough as a rock! All of this with great customer support (Thanks Ben!) and lifetime guarantee… Do yourself a favor and get 2 🙂

  13. bartarends33 (verified owner)

    I got the version with the leds for my Boss Katana 50.
    It works great for switching between the two channels and two banks (in total 4 channels) that the katana 50 has.
    The pedal is compact, feels very sturdy and the two buttons give a nice click when pressed.
    I can recommend this pedal to everyone looking voor a dual latching pedal!

  14. kieran.mayo (verified owner)

    Works perfect with Boss Katana Amps and can be used with or without 9v power connected. Used without power connected of course will not light up the LED’s.
    Solid built. Paintwork mostly ok although mine has a lighter patch on one side which was under painted.
    One recommendation I would make would to have a rubber base or some similar non slip material rather than just a painted metal base.

  15. doug_mackay (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product! I use it to control the effects on a Marshall acoustic amp. It cost a fraction of the price of the recommended switch and is built as well, if not better……. in fact scrap that, the build quality is far superior to the Marshall switch. This thing is built like a tank!

    Top that off with some of the best communication that I have ever received from any company.

    Keep up the good work Ben!

  16. chris.draper (verified owner)

    Just the job for Boss Katana 50 channel & bank switching.
    Lovely small footprint and great value. Most excellent!

  17. Malcolm McElwee (verified owner)

    This Skinny little Twins is the second pedal I have bought from Ben. These are great little pedals which take up no space hardly on my board. They do an excellent job and the help and advice received from Ben was great. The LEDs on the Skinny Little Twins are really bright, great indicators. I would definitely recommend Vein-Tap anytime….

    Thanks Ben

  18. pierre.grumberg (verified owner)

    Bought the Skinny little thing to switch reverb/tremolo on a Fender Deluxe Reverb. It does the job, of course, but what I like is the very small imprint ideally suited to my very compact pedal board. Great !

  19. studiobabymicrobe-andrea

    This is the second switcher I buy from Vein-Tap, i already have a FS3X. I bought this for my Infinity looper and couldn’t be happier. These are handmade tools, extremely well built with good components and sold at very reasonable prices. Ben is also great with his feedback and communications. Very highly recommended!

  20. john1 (verified owner)

    I bought one of these to replace the two separate foot switches I was using to switch between lead/rhythm and clean/crunch on my Mesa Boogie Mk3. It works perfectly and has freed up a lot of space on my pedal board.

    Really pleased with this!!

  21. chrismarle (verified owner)

    I was going to buy a Boss dual latching switch until I came across Vein-Tap. All I can say is how gutted would I have been if I had. This pedal does all you could want it to, runs with or without power and looks like it would survive the fires of hell – and all for half the price of the other plastic alternatives. The Dark Triad is next on my list, do yourself a favour and start collecting today.

  22. Michael (verified owner)

    Works perfectly and has such a small footprint! Also, Ben was extremely helpful and wired the pedal with the specific color LED’s that I requested. I would definitely purchase from vein-tap again.

  23. Peter Kilgour (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I bought two and Ben reversed polarity on one before shipping, now THAT is service!

  24. jemgowan (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with. I had a problem with delivery which wasn’t Vein Tap’s fault. Ben updated me promptly and re posted the item. Great customer focus..oh and a wicked little pedal, very robust with a small footprint. It fitted into my pedal board a treat. Thanks Vein Tap, great service! Best wishes Mark

  25. jeborgdorff (verified owner)

    Ben is responding in a very quick and thorough way to your questions. The package was delivered very quick (in a few daya, from the UK to the Netherlands), but most important: the switch looks awesome and works great. Great value for money.

  26. craig.shoosmith5

    Fantastic!. I wanted the pedal to run alongside my Fractal Audio MFC101 to offer additional control options. I needed it to house an internal battery to run the LED’s, so Ben built a custom one for me. It turned out the polarity of the LED’s was opposite to what I expected, but that was easy to solve with the MFC101 CC settings. Works a treat! A nice solid roadworthy pedal. I also have the Momentary version of this pedal running into the MFC and that also works great!

  27. Dave Ball

    Lovely small footprint. Nice positive switches. Ben was very helpful as I needed to swap around the action of one of the led’s. Talked me through which wire to swap to which switch position. Highly recommended. Dave.

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