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The original, and… well, oldest. Use the Vein Tap tap tempo pedal to control your pedals, and to dramatically increase your pedalboard’s (or pedalboards’) awesomeness.

Earn up to 50 Vein Tap Points.

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Tap Tempo Pedal

The Vein Tap Tempo Pedal is, in a word, awemighticlish. That’s right; in order to adequately describe it, we had to combine awesome, mightly, fantastic and stylish into one word. And that’s not hyperbole… well, yes, it is, but still, they’re a pretty useful tap tempo pedal.

You see, putting a Vein Tap on your pedalboard not only makes it look that little bit cooler, it’s also a discrete and helpfully compact controller for a long list of pedals and music gear. These footswitches are used especially to tap the tempo into a delay or some modulation effects pedals for guitar, bass and keyboard. Check out this video for a demonstration of how useful this can be:

Pretty handy, right? But this would all be useless if they crumbled to dust after being stepped on a few times. Well, worry not. Vein Taps are built to resist even the most severe steel-toe-capped abuse. Your immortal Vein Tap will soldier on long after the rest of your pedal board has become rust and memories.

To back these claims up, we include a lifetime manufacturer guarantee with your Vein Tap. If it ever stops working as it should, we’ll take it back and fix whatever’s wrong with it before returning it to you. They’re that unkillable we’re prepared to bet our wallets on it. Full details of the guarantee we offer can be found on the Guarantee page.

New for 2016 – Normally Closed Soft Touch Footswitch

Rather excitingly, we now offer the Vein Tap in both Normally Open and Normally Closed flavours. Both versions are soft-touch, meaning that the footswitch doesn’t click when pressed – it’s silent and stealthy as a sexy ninja. What does having this new normally closed version mean? It means that you can now tap the tempo on your Boss and Roland pedals and equipment on the strike, rather than on release. Need a tap tempo for Boss DD7? PH-3 Phaser? Roland drum machine? It’s the normally closed version of the Vein Tap you need. Almost all other brands, including EHX, Marshall etc use normally open switches.

Buy a Vein Tap now! Make your pedalboard that much mightier. It makes more sense than sleeping in on a Sunday!

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Covered by the Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight 0.146 kg
Dimensions 92 × 38 × 32 mm

Normally Open, Normally Closed

10 reviews for Vein Tap – Tap Tempo Pedal

  1. Will Thompson (verified owner)

    Looks great, feels solidly-made and good to tap, and works perfectly with my DD-7.

    The first unit never arrived – thanks, Royal Mail! – and Ben immediately shipped out a replacement.

    Highly recommended, and I hope to find an excuse to buy another Vein Tap pedal soon.

  2. berlanda.paolo (verified owner)

    tiny, perfect, awesome!

  3. Mark Rawsthorne (verified owner)

    Ben was very helpful, making sure I got what I needed. The switch is very well built and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Looks cool too

  4. joe (verified owner)

    Excellent bit of kit. Bought for use with a Boss-DD8 – having an external tap tempo massively simplifies operation of the pedal. Looks good next to my Skinny Little Twins as well.

    As it’s not obvious, if you want to switch the DD8 off after using an external tap tempo, just give the Time control a tiny turn.

  5. christinecrook (verified owner)

    Firstly I found Ben amazingly helpful and customer service was outstanding. I needed the pedal to use as an on/off foot pedal on stage for an effects unit. It looks great, it functions great (one tap) and is small and compact.

    So 10/10 and 5* all the way. Recommend the company and product highly and will definitely be back to this store again!

  6. john1 (verified owner)

    I use this with a DD7 and I am really impressed so far.

    A solidly built product at a great price which does the job perfectly.

    Oh, fast service too!!

  7. david.schaufelberger (verified owner)

    Perfect under any circumstances!
    I use it with a Boss DD7 and it works like a charm. I love that “no-click” footswitch and its simple design! ALready got lots of good comments and questions from fellow musicians!
    Will order again and recommend to my friends-

  8. gbvrxtc

    I was looking for a pedal basically for a raunchy American sound like some of my fave 60s/ 70s records , after trying out the usual suspects, you know the ones.. i came across the `Angel of blues ` pedal from Vein-Tap and knew it was what i was seeking , the sound is magnificent and sheer range of tones i would say knocks most others into a cocked hat plus its design as well as being very simple is real class , then of course theres the prompt service from this company .
    All in all a very pleasant experience and very pleased with the company and the product , thanks Ben

  9. steverutherford (verified owner)

    There are two really useful things that i can do with this pedal:

    1. Tap tempo for my Empress Tremolo pedal
    2. Instant undo-redo for my EHX 720 looper (with a stereo cable). (Ben was great in helping me understand how to make this one happen. )

    In conclusion, it’s well built, super small and very useful. Really happy.

  10. Liam Sutherland (verified owner)

    I’m using the vein tap as a control pedal for a Zoom G3x. It does exactly what I want it to do i.e. bypass all of my effects but I know it could also be used for tap tempo if I needed it.

    The pedal is very well put together. The momentary switch feel solid and the enclosure, with it’s red splatter, has added a bit of colour to my pedal board.

    Ben was very pleasant and easy to deal with. There was a bit of an issue with my first unit getting lost in transit but he promptly posted another and it was with me the next day.

    All in all, a great product and excellent service. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another vein tap pedal in the future.

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