Overdrive Pedal vs Amp Distortion: Which is Better?

Overdrive Pedal vs Amp Distortion: The Grudge Match Second only to the buffered input / true bypass argument, the clash of overdrive pedal vs amp distortion arguments has been raging for years on various forums since the invention of shouting at people via the Internet, and in person at gigs since time immemorial (or, more…

Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal
The Separator ABY Pedal

The Joys of an ABY Pedal: Top 5 Tone Tips

An ABY Pedal can make you sound huge. There’s no doubt about it; splitting your signal and sending it to two separate amps can turn your tone from a nice, solid, good sound into a room-filling, bone-shaking, absolute monster of a sound. There’s several things you can do to experiment, and you don’t have to drop…


How Long Does a True Bypass Looper Record For?

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked here at Vein-Tap.com is; how long does the Noose True Bypass Looper record for? What is a True Bypass Looper? It’s a very different pedal that the Digitech Jamman or Boss Loop Station series of riff-recording pedals. A true bypass looper like the Noose doesn’t actually record…


Can I Use a Volume Attenuator in My Effects Loop?

Many folks with big valve amplifiers will often find that their tone never sounds so awesome as when they’re cranked really loud. Unfortunately, this can lead to ASBOs, turf wars and anonymous flaming-bag situations (you know what we mean). One solution is to invest in a Power Soak volume attenuator, which goes in between the…

Leech Passive Volume Attenuator
Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch

Which Pedals Can Use the Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch?

The Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch is an incredible bit of gear. Not only do they work with a great range of loopers, amps, multi-effects units and effects pedals, but they do it with a tiny footprint and for less that you might expect. We’ve composed a brief and incomplete list of gear we’ve…


Why Would You Need a Tap Tempo Pedal with Polarity Switch?

What is a Tap Tempo Pedal with Polarity Switch? Easy. A polarity switch is a little flick switch which allows you to choose whether your tap tempo pedal (or any footswitch, for that matter) is “normally open” or “normally closed”. What’s the difference? Another easy one. If a switch is “normally open”, then clicking the…

Vein Tap Plus - Tap Tempo with Polarity Switch

Which Pedals Can Use a Tap Tempo Pedal?

This list is a non-exhaustive list of pedals which we can confirm will accept a Vein Tap as an external tap tempo pedal. There’s hundreds more, but this list consists of pedals we’ve had here at Vein-Tap.com to personally audition. The following pedals require a “normally open” Vein Tap: Behringer DD600 Digital Delay DW400 Dynamic…

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal