Boss RC3 Review

Boss RC3 review by | Boss made the first digital sampler in compact pedal form in 1985, almost thirty years ago. That pedal – the DSD-2 – could record for less than a second, making it practically useless for anything except recording drone sounds. Fortunately, the Boss RC-3 Looper is much better, with up…

Boss RC3 Review from - Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Tap Tempo Pedal

Tap Tempo Pedal. Simple but Brilliant. Relying on a drummer to keep perfect time isn’t something you can really get away with. They’re brilliant, don’t get me wrong, without them we’d be screwed; but sometimes they’re quick (angry) and sometimes they’re slow (hungover). Back in the day, this meant having to re-calibrate all your time-sensitive…

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal