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The only overdrive and boost pedal you will ever need, the Holy Driver crams two pro-level pedals in one stylish box.

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Premium Overdrive and Boost Pedal – Direct from Heaven

We’re all about choice here at Vein-Tap.com, and we’ll never stop offering our customers a range of top quality pedals. That’s why, following many customer requests, we’ve decided to create the Holy Driver®: an overdrive and boost pedal which will almost literally blow your socks off. The Holy Driver was designed to be the only overdrive pedal AND the only boost pedal you’ll ever need, so wide are the options and tones available from this beauty. Hand-crafted right here in the UK, it puts all other boutique OD / Boost pedals to shame. We also sell the Holy Driver at a price most other pedal makers simply can’t fathom. Because we can.

The Holy Driver is essentially two pedals in one: on one side, a mighty overdrive with a great range of options, and the other, a powerful clean boost. Let’s break each side down;

The Overdrive

The Holy Driver’s right side is packed with the same mighty overdrive circuitry as the Angel of Blues. It’s a superb overdrive circuit with a range of options, including the choice between symmetric and asymmetric clipping (detailed below), and a switch to choose between Classic or Modern overdrive tones. The Classic tone profile offers a mellow, smooth overdrive perfect for blues or gentler rock tones, with a boost in the mid frequencies of your guitar’s signal which will help you cut through a band’s noise. The Modern tone profile offers a flatter, more aggressive, bass-heavy tone profile ideal for modern rock. Perfect for use on a clean or already driven amp, the overdrive side of the Holy Driver is what your pedalboard has been missing all these years.

The Boost

The Holy Driver’s left side contains the same mighty boost as our Little Horn. This boost offers up to 24dB of pure, clean gain, and has a crazy high input impedance (>5MΩ) to keep the sparkle in your pickups. This boost really does live up to its hype, with an unbelievable amount of volume available. The Holy Driver uses the Little Horn’s v2.0 boost, so the noise to gain ratio is far less thanks to advanced power conditioning. We’ve also got rid of the crackle which used to sound when the Boost control was being turned. Oh yes.

Select Between Pre / Post Boost

Some overdrive and boost pedals are hardwired to have their boost unit after the overdrive unit only. That didn’t wash with us at Vein-Tap.com HQ. Pedal order has a massive effect on your tone, so we added a cheeky Pre / Post Boost switch to the Holy Driver. In the Pre position, the Boost goes into the Overdrive circuit – meaning you can push the OD harder, resulting in rude drive that goes into distortion / fuzz territory. In the Post position, the boost simply amplifies the overdriven sound – giving you the same OD tone, just louder.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL. In the Post position, at full blast, this pedal will be so much louder than your overdrive tone it’s not even funny. That’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact.

You have been warned.

A Choice of Modern and Classic Overdrives

The Holy Driver’s overdrive side has the same Modern / Classic overdrive profile switch as our Angel of Blues. This means that you can choose between the classic 808 style overdrive tone so beloved by the guitar community on the Classic side, or push more gain and warm bass tone out of the pedal on the Modern side. These options help make the Holy Driver one of the most versatile overdrive and boost pedals available. But that’s not all:

Choose between Symmetric or Asymmetric Clipping

Like the Angel of Blues, we’ve put a diode clipping switch on the overdrive side of the Holy Driver. Some choose coffee, some drink tea. A handy metaphor for diode clipping. Most overdrives – even the most critically acclaimed boutique pedals – are hard wired with either symmetric or asymmetric diode clipping circuits. This choice affects your tone, and some players vastly prefer one sound over the other, while other players like to compare and even mix it up in between songs. With the Holy Driver you don’t have to choose between – you can have either at the flick of a switch.

Choose between Hard and Soft-touch True Bypass Switching

Both the overdrive and boost aspects of the Holy Driver are wired with true bypass, so that the circuitry stays completely out of your signal path when they’re not needed. Each side is also independent of the other, meaning you can choose to use both the overdrive and the boost, only the overdrive, and only the boost, depending on what the music you’re playing demands. Coupled with the pre/post boost switch described above, this makes the Holy Driver an amazingly versatile all-rounder.

You can even choose between the standard hard-click true bypass footswitches, or our new Soft-Touch Relay true bypass, which offers the same full true bypass, but uses relays and a soft-touch true bypass system for a modern, silent, soft-touch switching system.

Boutique Tone at Working Musician Prices

Here at Vein-Tap.com, we’re not out to skin you. We’re a fair-day’s-work-for-a-fair-day’s-pay kind of crew, and we find it insulting that premium tone is often slapped with an over-premium price. From our very inception we chose to create pedals which took the rug out from underneath the corporate fat-cats who want to empty your wallet before you can sound awesome. That’s why the Holy Driver is available at a price which can compete with even mid-level pedals – all while being hand-made and painted here in the UK, with a tone which can stand up to even the priciest boutique gear.

Get the Holy Driver® Now. Your Tone Deserves It.

Order the Holy Driver today! It makes even more sense than sending Buffy to meet the Cullens.

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Weight 0.216 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 34 mm

Hard-Click, Soft-Touch


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  1. sidhugjs (verified owner)

    This an awesome pedal – it takes a little getting used to but you can absolutely create some genuine tube like crunch tones. It’s seriously loud but also really fluid – so you can create lots of different tones and sounds once you learn your way around the different switches and knobs in combinations. I’d wholeheartedly recommend this to all fans of rock, metal, punk and hardcore – you will definitely find the tone you want.

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