Dark Triad Overdrive Distortion Pedal

Using the Dark Triad as a Clean Boost / PreAmp: New Video

One of the great things about the Dark Triad Overdrive / Distortion Pedal is how surprisingly subtle it can be. You can even use it as a pre-amp to sculpt your tone, perhaps by boosting the mids to cut through a mix, or by using it as a high pass filter to get rid of some of the unnecessary bass tones for more manageable levels during practice.


SAINT DOOM Arises: Premium Fuzz in a Tiny Box

Following on from the Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal  at the beginning of the year, through the Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal in November, we’ve just announced this little beauty: smaller, more affordable, yet several stages more aggressive that its angelic cousins, this is SAINT DOOM. He’s a terrifying fuzz pedal, designed to bring the hairiest, filthiest…

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal
Murder One XLR Killswitch

We’ve Updated the Murder One XLR Killswitch

Bless its heart, it was looking a little abandoned. But now the Murder One XLR Killswitch has been updated; we’ve tinkered with the circuitry which means he’s now completely safe to use with condenser microphones with phantom power, and he’s totally noiseless and pop-free. We’ve also added the option to include and off / on…

The Separator ABY Pedal

The Tone King Reviews the Leech, the Murder One, the SEPARATOR and the Noose

The Tone King, guitar gear reviewer extraordinaire, has kindly taken time to dedicate an entire review – out of his amazing, annual 30 Pedals in 30 Days series – to Vein-Tap.com gear! We were hoping that he’d like our pedals, and it certainly seems as though he did! We’d like to say thank you to the Tone King personally – and get subscribed to his YouTube channel, youtube.com/user/lmsjr, immediately!


The Tone King Cometh – 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2012

YouTube’s Awesomest Gear Reviewer Reviews 30 Pedals for Every Day of December
Everyone in the guitar gear world knows how awesome The Tone King is at creating fantastic reviews and demos of the most awesome amps, guitars, pedals and accessories. For the last two years we at Vein-Tap.com have been following TTK, having found his 30 Pedals in 30 Days series especially cool. Hurricane Sandy may have delayed 30 Pedals from its usual November slot, but it couldn’t keep such an awesome series away completely. We’re really looking forward to what TTK’s got to offer this year (we’re especially looking forward to the 6th of this month!) Get on over to YouTube, subscribe, and get watching. That is all!

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