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The Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo pedal is a beautiful, footprint-small but feature-big tremolo, capable of creating all kinds of custom shapes and sounds. Pair it with the Dark Waves Controller, and you’re really on to a winner.



Full Analogue Tremolo Tones with Powerful Wave-Sculpting Controls

The Dark Waves tap tempo tremolo pedal is a red-and-yellow thing of beauty. When we decided to create a tremolo pedal, we knew we’d have to do something special. That’s why the Dark Waves has a host of options which enable you to create your own custom wave shape, and get a sound that no other tremolo can give you.

How does Dark Waves shape thy tone? Let us count the ways:

  • Eight different base wave shapes give you a huge sonic palette to choose from.
  • The Centre Shift control allows you to change each wave shape even further.
  • Go from glacially slow swells to crazy fast chops with the Tempo Multiplier control.
  • The engage LED allows you to see your custom wave, lighting red when the effect is disengaged and yellow when the effect is engaged.
  • The optional Dark Waves Controller allows you to tap the tempo of your tremolo, sync the tempo with other pedals, and change the tempo ratio with soft-touch footswitches.
  • True analogue tone and soft touch true bypass switching allows you to marry golden old-school tone with a modern control system.

As always, it’s best to watch the Tone Demo video to hear for yourself what the Dark Waves tap tempo tremolo pedal sounds like. Here’s Ben to show you what you can do with the Dark Waves:

The Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo Pedal Tone Demo Video

We’ll look closely at the Dark Waves’ features in a second, but first, let’s look at the optional Dark Waves Controller.

The Dark Waves Controller

Dark Waves ControllerThis handy little beast takes an already excellent tremolo pedal and turns it into something even more special. The right switch allows you to tap the tempo in to the Dark Waves. Its on-board tempo LED allows you to see the tempo you’re setting, without being affected by the tremolo wave. It’s got a dedicated output jack for the Dark Waves, and it also has a tempo in/out jack, which allows you to sync the tempo with other pedals, such as our own Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay pedal.

The switch on the left connects to the left Controller Input on the Dark Waves, and allows you to override the Tempo Ratio control, selecting the next Tempo Ratio. Read on to find out what that means.

An Incredible Time Range

By combining the Rate and Tempo Multiplier controls, you can select any speed from 0.025hz (that’s one cycle every 40 seconds) to 100hz (that’s 100 cycles per second). This means you can go from a tremolo tempo so glacially slow it’s practically unusable, to one so fast that individual cycles are practically indiscernible. Somewhere in that range is going to be your sweet spot – all you have to do is decide what it will be.

Dark Waves Tap Tempo Ratio Control DiagramThe Rate control is simple: it controls how fast, or how slow, the tremolo rate is. The Tempo Multiplier control then changes that time. The Tempo Multiplier also affects the tempo when tapped in with the Dark Waves controller, allowing you to get much faster tremolo rates than even the quickest foot is capable of tapping. The Tempo Multiplier goes from half time at its lowest setting, though full time, dotted quarter note time, double time, dotted eighth note time, to quadruple time.

Sexy, no?

Eight Independent Wave Forms Give You Eight Flavours of Tremolo

We thought we’d be a little more generous than simply offering the choice between triangle and square wave. No: we give you eight whole wave shapes. Included are the standard triangle and square wave, of course, but you also get to choose between Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Sine, Dip, Lump, and ?. The following pictogram will explain what these wave shapes are much better than words could:

Dark Waves Tap Tempo Tremolo Wave Shapes

? does its own thing. Please don’t try to control ?. He’s untamable and brilliant and magic and crazy. Invite him into your life. He’s fun.

…but that’s not all.

Customise Your Wave Even Further with the Centre Shift Control

Even after you’ve explored all the different wave shapes, you can customise them further. The Centre Shift controls allows you to change the symmetry of the wave: at its centre point, the wave will be fully symmetrical. When turned to the left, the centre point of the wave will move to the left, and will move to the right when turned to the right. Again, a pictogram will illustrate this better than words, with this example showing what the Centre Shift control will do to the Triangle shape:

Dark Waves Centre Shift Control Diagram

Go from Full Chop to Subtle Blend

All the options above would be as nothing if they weren’t fully under your control, and with Dark Waves, they are. The Depth control lets you choose anything between a full affected tone, where the tremolo completely kills the signal when the wave is negative, to the subtlest tremolo sound imaginable.

Bypass LED Shows Your Wave

The LED indicator doesn’t just show you when the Dark Waves is engaged or disengaged – it also reflects your custom wave, perfectly in sync with the tempo and with the same wave shape and centre shift that you’ve selected. The LED will light red when the effect is in bypass mode, and light yellow when the effect is engaged, so you can see what your custom tremolo wave will be even when it’s disengaged. Handy!

Soft Touch True Bypass as Standard

A soft touch footswitch allows you to switch the Dark Waves tap tempo tremolo pedal on and off, with true bypass for complete tonal transparency when the effect is disengaged.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    matt1 (verified owner)

    Great tremolo pedal. So many options still exploring! But love the fact it has so many possibilities, and specifically that the time range is so huge you can create strange effects.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    tazdevil6 (verified owner)

    Excellent pedal, love it. Received it last week and l’m still playing with it. This is the second vein tap I own, built to such a high quality which is hard to find elsewhere.

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