Murder One Dual Latching & Stutter Killswitch


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Become the master of the life and death of your tone with a latching Killswitch and a momentary Stutter switch, all in one tiny pedal.

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Dual Latching & Stutter Killswitch

You'll already know from our wonderful Murder One Killswitch that sometimes, you love something so much, you have to kill it. Well, now gives you even more control over the life and death of your tone with the Murder One Dual Stutter Killswitch.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=""][vc_column_text]Essentially forcing both versions of the normal Murder One Killswitch into one small, discreet and unbelievably stylish box, the Dual Stutter Murder One kills your signal dead on its left, Latching side, and works as a momentary stutter effect on the left. It's perfect for both jobs, small enough to fit on the most crowded pedalboard, but with enough space between switches to be useful even by the heaviest-booted guitarist.

What's even better? The Latching Killswitch has an LED to help you figure out what it's doing. This requires a normal, centre-negative, Boss-type power supply – but the actual killswitches themselves are totally passive, meaning you don't need to power the Murder One Dual Stutter Killswitch to get your kill on. Handy, no?

Even in front of the highest-gain, filthiest amps, this dual kill/stutter switch is completely silent and won't add any hiss or noise to your tone. In fact, it can be viewed as a hiss / noise solution; some extreme rock and metal guitarists suffer from excessive noise and feedback between songs. Slap the Latching, Kill side of the Murder One Dual Stutter Killswitch on and you're completely free to talk to the crowd, tune your guitar, throw pigs' heads into the audience – whatever you need to do.

As always, it's beautiful. Just check out this sexy paintwork:[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="9081" alignment="center"][vc_column_text]Covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Weight 0.146 kg
Dimensions 92 × 38 × 32 mm

16 reviews for Murder One Dual Latching & Stutter Killswitch

  1. brettwhitecross (verified owner)

    Fantastic pedal! Does exactly what it says on the tin. Very well made – sturdy, robust and an excellent paint job. Great size too, does not take up too much real estate on the pedal board.

  2. darraghdux88 (verified owner)

    Get one!

  3. jeff.isoe (verified owner)

    Great pedal for exactly what it does. I appreciate how small it is, too. Only reason for 4 stars is that I wish I had just bought the triple killswitch because as soon as I used this pedal I wish it had a setting where it could work the opposite way, and bring the signal back without adding another footswitch. Oh well, it’s more my own mistake, so I’ll just go ahead and buy the triple now 😉

  4. nchamron (verified owner)

    Works beautifully. The latching switch clicks very satisfyingly and the momentary switch works very smoothly. I also love the design. I appreciate that it only requires power for the LED, as I don’t currently have a power supply.

  5. bigkevrocks (verified owner)

    Ordered the Murder One and I must say I was not disappointed, in fact I was so impressed I ordered the Skinny little twins switch pedal a few days later. ( to replace the Boss FS-6 on my board )

    Functionally they do exactly what they say on the tin and they do it extremely well.

    Well built and rugged construction, I think I’ll have to really go some to damage these excellent pedals.

  6. fender.mouse (verified owner)

    A great little pedal. Well built and fast delivery. Would highly recommend anyone to buy.

  7. Arnaud Le Hung (verified owner)

    Awesome, lovely, powerful… why did I did not bought one before!!! Just added the Murder One Dual Latching & Stutter Killswitch onto my pedalboard and it fits perfectly. I can finally have this new killing effect without installing it on my basses. Easy to use, fast answer, phenomenal effect. Thanks so much to Vein-Tap for their friendly relationship and quick shipment. I can;t imagine playing without it anymore. Thanks to You all at Vein-Tap, keep on rocking!

  8. b.r.snook (verified owner)

    This thing is pretty much bang on. I struggled to find many killswitch options at a reasonable price until I stumbled on to Vein Tap, and they will definitely be my go to now! Solid build quality, excellent finishing, nice button design with a soft stutter and the certainty of the latching kill. Useful LED for the heat of the moment too. If you need a killswitch, get this bad boy.

    I would mention however that the power point is not so compatible with the typical norm right angled patch cables and a flat solid boards (like my Warwick/Diago). If you have two opposing right angled jacks parallel to the pedal, then the power point is slightly obscured (if you had a Pedaltrain style board where the cables can dive under, or straight patch cables, then this would be a non-issue, ). I suspect this is a function of the innards, and I should have thought about it more before purchase.

    That said, it is a minor quibble, and the pedal is an asset to my board; I can heartily recommend it!

  9. MR J M (verified owner)

    Works exactly as expected! Very nice compact design, quick delivery and a great price. Happy customer here!

  10. mariusweltz (verified owner)

    Ordered mine a few weeks back after finally having found Vein-Tap online.
    Use mine in a distortion loop for my bass. Works great. Love it.
    Great customer service!

  11. briangreene2 (verified owner)

    Was looking to free up some space on my pedal board.
    Wanted to replace my volume pedal with a kill switch. Saw the murder one.
    Was sold just by its look. Pedal is built like a tank. Works great.
    Very small package.
    Very happy with this pedal

  12. Liamspqr (verified owner)

    Have the amazing pedal on the end of my pedal board and with one click I can silence my P90s straight way.
    The stutter switch is great for exploring new techniques.
    If you want a kill switch on your board this is the best out there.

  13. paul (verified owner)

    I’m already the happy owner of a Vein Tap Plus tap tempo pedal, so I had no concerns about ordering this pedal. Great little kill switch with the added fun bonus of the stutter switch too. Useful LED to indicate when it is doing what it does (though no power supply is necessary to function otherwise). Excellent value for the price. Well done Vein Tap!

  14. Gordon (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of kit. Solid build, great design and a insanely easy to use. The stutter side of the pedal is probably the most fun, for me anyway, not sure if the rest of the band would agree. Will definitely be buying more pedals from you!

    Thanks for this awesome little bundle of practicality and fun!

  15. Ross C (verified owner)

    Perfect build quality, excellent idea having latch and stutter in one pedal, small enough to fit on even the most crowded of pedal boards, good price, quick delivery, can’t think of anything bad to say about Vein Tap and the Dual Murder One, except that I couldn’t post this review from the review email they sent me, although I’m blaming that on my office firewall.

  16. Anthony B (verified owner)

    This is really a great product. I had planned on getting the single swtitch pedal, but I couldn’t decide which I wanted, so I paid a little extra and got the dual switch instead. It does exactly what you’d expect, and what with it being so small you can fit it on just about any board. I use a Pedaltrain Mini and it fits in just nicely. I love the quality of the pedal, as well as the design and above all the simplicity. It’s so easy to use, and you don’t even need to power it for it to work. A great addition to any pedalboard, for sure!

    Cheers Vein-Tap!

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