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Simple as a drummer, with a fuzz tone bigger than the end of the world, Saint Doom is the fuzz pedal you’ve been waiting for.


Titan Tone from a Tiny Fuzz Pedal

You love fuzz. Of course you do. It’s a beautiful, sinful, irreverent effect which can’t help but inspire new riffs. But, there are so many fuzz pedals already available to buy. What kind of fuzz pedal could we at possibly create to compete with the likes of the Face, the Factory, or the Muff?

Simple; we took a tiny enclosure and stuffed it full of the heaviest, angriest modern fuzz tone we could summon. We called it Saint Doom. We’re selling it for less than the price of a night out.

And it sounds like this:

We created Saint Doom to follow a three-pronged philosophy; full analogue circuitry, affordability, and simplicity. Analogue circuitry gives a warm, soulful response that digital modelling can only emulate. It’s also far less expensive to produce, which leads on to affordability. Affordability means you don’t have to remortgage your home – or worse, sell any of your existing gear – to get hold of a sinfully good fuzz pedal. Simplicity allows you to dial in a perfect tone quickly, letting you focus on the killer chops that layers of saturated fuzz with inspire.

Kneel. Saint Doom has arisen.

An Avalanche of Brutal Fuzz

It’s not every day you get to use mountainous phenomena to advertise effects, but with Saint Doom, it’s appropriate. He’s got all the thundering fuzz tones you need.

Combine the Doom control on the pedal with your guitar’s volume control (or a Leech Volume Attenuator) to access a great range of fuzz tones. Rolling the volume off on your guitar gives you a relatively clean, early 70s, Hendrix-type rock tone. Leave your guitar’s volume control on full and crank the Doom knob, and you’ll get a full, modern, bass-laden noisewall to rival Sunn O)))’s tones.

We had to slightly bend the laws of physics to do it, but we’ve crammed decades of fuzz into this tiny pedal. It rocks.

Designing Our Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz is a tricky effect to get right. Without careful thought and selection of components, a fuzz can sound sub-par – either with an overly hissy, grating high-end which will hurt your ears, or a muddy, slushy bass that won’t cut through a full band’s noise. However, overthink a fuzz circuit, and you can take away that low-fi, brutal noise element that makes the effect different from overdrive and distortion. That’s why Saint Doom does away with unnecessary bells and whistles – you’ve got a single Doom knob which controls the output, and that’s it. There’s nothing wrong with more complicated fuzz boxes – it’s just that Saint Doom was bred to be a simple animal. It also means that he’s a pretty small fella, and can find a place on even the most crowded pedalboards.

The amount of fuzz added can actually be controlled by your guitar’s volume knob, or by adding a Leech Volume Attenuator directly before Saint Doom. The control knob on Saint Doom’s face goes from silence at 0, to unity volume at about 12 o clock (halfway) to ridiculously loud at full whack. For such a brutal little guy, Saint Doom is loads of fun to have around, so experiment!

True Bypass as Standard

Because Saint Doom isn’t selfish, he’s wired with True Bypass footswitch circuitry, which means that when he’s on, he’s on: but when he’s switched off, his circuit is kept out of your signal path completely, allowing your clean tone to sing through as clearly as always. Unlike some fuzz pedals, Saint Doom needs a standard, centre-negative power supply (the same as Boss or EHX effects) and can be happily daisy-chained with other effects. He’s small enough to fit on even the most crowded pedalboards. He doesn’t cost much at all – pennies compared to some boutique fuzz units – and he’s sexy.

Just look at him.

Buy the Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal now! It makes more sense than listening to Slayer!

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal

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3 reviews for Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    cinemansteve (verified owner)

    First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to Ben who is top-notch in customer service. He kept me posted as to when the pedal was shipped, when it arrived (which was earlier than I expected), and offered a deal on my next purchase.

    On to the pedal… she roars, man. St. Doom was the perfect addition to my pedal board. It took me a while to get to this point because I’m currently running through 10 pedals (which is significant since I used to plug straight in with just my trusty amp, but have been feeling much more experimental lately), and I’ve been tirelessly reordering the pedals in every variation (conventional or not). Without going into too much detail, I run the St. Doom after my overdrive, into the Wah, followed by distortion. (Is that weird?) When activating all 3, the distortion actually brings the volume down significantly, but I think that’s only because the OD + St. Doom together are simply unrelenting.

    The pedal by itself certainly packs a tremendous punch, as seen on the video demonstration. It’s crunchier than last November’s peanut brittle, but tastes like it’s fresh out of the oven. Turned down you can achieve a classic fuzz sound, though the tone is slightly nuanced at any level.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to set the SD and my OD pedal to sound very similar, then tweaked the 2 from there so that SD was the perfect boost of doomagedon. Again, if fuzz is your priority, you’ll be fine running this straight into the amp, but what I found adding the high-gain OD before it was that the clarity and the sustain.. OH, the sustaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii……

    I’m not tech savy, so I can only go off of what I hear, what I like, and what I experience. So far it’s a win in all 3 categories. The only other thing I’d note is that I also run the 3 gain pedals through a Noise Gate. I’ve briefly tried the pedals without the gate, but lost a lot of friends in my apartment building doing so ;-D

    Looking forward to watching Vein-Tap expand with new creations. Thanks again, Ben!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony P (verified owner)

    The Saint Doom pedal turns my amps into Doomsday machines!
    Don’t be fooled by the lack of knobs and it’s small size. This pedal packs a whallop!
    I own a lot of fuzz pedals and the Saint Doom fuzz has become my new go to fuzz!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathon (verified owner)

    So having finally recovered enough from the melted face this pedal gave me I feel comfortable enough to post a review.

    Let me start off by saying hats off to Ben from Vein-Tap for accommodating me in my time of penny-pinching need and securing my pre-order like a champ. Really happy with the service I received.

    Anywho onward to certain doom!

    Saint Doom is an extremely high gain fuzz bordering on distortion pedal. It produces anything from raucous powerful rhythm chords much akin to the likes of converge or similar acts to searing leads. You can also dial things back a bit or accompany the pedal with a clean boost to achieve crunchier more full bodied results. So far I’m very impressed with the sounds I’ve been able to eek out the tidy and very attractive little box and as always it feels well put together and durable. One of my favourite aspects of the pedal is the sheer amount of sustain you can get out of this thing. striking a chord and just letting it ring out is extremely satisfying and can produce some really nice layered work on recordings.

    A word of advice with this pedal, if you have it in a chain of other pedals I’d advise trying to put it somewhere near the start of the chain as it does get very noisy as it progresses further along the chain especially if you’ve got other overdrives in front of it already (this is not a negative btw just fact).

    All told I’m very satisfied with the product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this or any other Vein-Tap product to anyone.

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