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Master the dark art of phase shifting with the Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser. Sixteen wave forms and a host of control options offer almost limitless control of 90 degrees of fully analogue phase, allowing you to create sounds the world has never heard before.

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A Fully Analogue Tap Tempo Phaser with Plugin Grade Controls

Welcome to the most beautiful phase shifter pedal ever created. The Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser offers you so many options in creating fully custom phase tones that it’s amazing how intuitive and easy it is to learn to use.

Let’s begin with a Tone Demo video before moving on to some of the key reasons that make the Dark Arts phaser such a beautiful pedal:

Purple Reign

The Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser is here to deliver the most beautiful, musical, mind-bending phase tones you’ll ever hear. From subtle, funky smoothness to the kind of wobble only found the other side of an earthquake, the Dark Arts can do it all. Let’s check off a few of its most impressive features:

  • Control the rate of phase with the on-board, soft touch Tap Tempo footswitch.
  • Sixteen unique wave shapes allow you to create brand new phase sounds the world has literally never heard before.
  • The Voice control allows you to choose ratios between Vibe and Phase mod tones, or between Phase and Dry signals.
  • Feedback control allows you to customise how subtle or how extreme your phase sound becomes.
  • Multiplier control lets you change the ratio of the tapped tempo, from half, full, dotted eighth, double, triple, and quadruple time.
  • Flashing LED reflects your custom phase wave, flashing red when bypassed, and yellow when active, so you can always see how your phase shape will sound.
  • Bombproof construction with soft touch, true bypass footswitching.

They say the Devil’s in the details, so let’s look a little closer at the Dark Arts Tap Tempo Phaser’s impressive feature set.

Sixteen Phase Wave Shapes

The Dark Arts allows you to create phase sounds the world has never heard before by offering sixteen unique wave shapes. With the Wave Set Switch to the left, you can use the Wave Control to scroll through the upper row of wave shapes on the following pictogram. With the Wave Set Switch to the right, you can scroll through the lower row of wave shapes.

Wave Shapes

Check out this video that demonstrates what each of these wave shapes sound like:

You can customise your phase wave shape even further with the Centre Shift control, which allows you to move the centre of the wave shape:

Dark Waves Centre Shift Control Diagram

The LED on the right displays your custom wave, lighting red when bypassed, and yellow when the effect is engaged. The LED on the left shows the tempo the Dark Arts is set to. Which brings us nicely on to:

Tap Tempo with Tempo Ratio Control

You can use the Rate control to set the Dark Arts’ phase speed. Tapping the left side footswitch overrides the Rate control, and turning the Rate control resets the tapped tempo. Things get even more exciting with the Tempo Ratio control, which offers half, full, one-and-a-half time, double time, triple time, and quadruple time multipliers. This means you can have the phase tempo automatically sync at beautiful, musical time intervals, including the famously good dotted eighth note time.

The Voice Control

The Voice control is a little more special than a traditional Depth control. Traditional phaser sounds are created with a 50:50 blend of processed and dry sound. Designing the Dark Arts, we thought: why stop at 50? When set fully right, the Dark Arts passes unaffected signal. When at full left, the Dark Arts passes the fully wet signal, which sounds more like a vibrato effect than traditional phase. When set halfway, the Dark Arts offers deep, traditional phase sounds. You can use this control to make your phase sound subtler towards the Dry side, or combine phase and vibrato sounds inbetween the Phase setting at centre and the Vibrato side at the left. It’s entirely a matter of taste.

A Feedback Control to Further the Madness

The Feedback control feeds the phase tone back into itself, creating a weird, purple world of oscillation modulation madness. Use it to make the depth of your phase sound even more pronounced.

Combine all that with a soft touch, true bypass footswitch system, bullet-proof construction quality, and a Lifetime Guarantee, with each one hand made in Devon, UK – you’ve got a true phase shifting champion you cannot afford to ignore.

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  1. stephen.v.williams (verified owner)

    It is definitely worth going for this for the tap tempo alone! And adding in the different wave forms makes it an exceptional phase pedal. I managed to replicate the phase at the start of Status Who’s Mystery Song! In the advanced settings there is a neat one that gives a cool standing wave, perfect for that Dave Gilmour sound. It’s on my pedalboard now as my phaser of choice.

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