Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper


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Two separate, independent true bypass loops are in this sexy dual true bypass looper from

Earn up to 110 Vein Tap Points.


Dual True Bypass Looper

Sometimes, there’s just not enough rope in a single true bypass looper to get what you want done. Perhaps you’ve got two separate banks of pedals: sometimes you want to use one, sometimes the other, sometimes both, and sometimes neither. Perhaps you’re absolutely fanatical about keeping your vintage pedals where they belong: giving you awesome tones when you’re using them, and keeping them out of the signal chain entirely when not in use to prevent tone suck. Either way, the Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper is for you.

With the same build quality, style and affordability as the Noose True Bypass Looper, the Gallows gives you two independent true bypass loops in a single box.

Why Use a Dual True Bypass Looper?

Some pedals are incredibly cool when engaged, but can actually degrade your tone when they’re in the chain but not being used. It’s called tone suck, and it can be an absolute nightmare for people who love the old-school, analogue majesty of vintage pedals – wahs and distortion / boost units especially. You’ll find that, when disengaged but kept in your signal path, some pedals take away the low end and general oomph of your tone. The way to solve that is to use a true bypass looper – a pedal which switches your pedal into the signal when needed, but completely removes it from your signal chain when not.

Hard Click of Soft Touch – Which is Better?

We offer the Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper with both traditional hard click footswitches, and soft-touch relay switching. What’s the difference? The main difference is that the soft-touch relay switching uses a tiny mechanical switch inside to do the actual switching, which is activated by a soft-touch, non-clicking switch. It’s completely silent and brilliantly handy. These relays require power to work. The old-school hard click footswitches use the footswitch itself to do the switching – great if you don’t know whether you’ll have a spare power outlet, and still full true bypass!

True bypass loopers are incredibly handy, and a lot of guitarists swear by them – not only because they can drastically clean up your signal, but also because if there’s a couple of pedals you want to use at the same time, putting them all into a true bypass loop also saves a lot of tap-dancing. One switch to rule them all!

Buy the Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper now! It makes more sense than putting cheese on lasagne!

Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper

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Dimensions 60 × 111 × 32 mm

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5 reviews for Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper

  1. Goc Kalamiza (verified owner)

    Now, this is exactly what I needed. I’m running a messy bi-amp stereo setup, separated by – of course – The Separator, and I mostly use 2-3 main sounds. With 8 pedals, it was time to stop tap-dancing and invest in something that still fits on the pedalboard. Like Gallows Dual Looper. Interchangeable fuzz (loop 1) and modulation pedals (loop 2) helps me get more creative, since I don’t have to stomp all over the pedalboard anymore and can concentrate more on the stuff I play. With cleaner sound too. Superb!

  2. Lorenzo Spinelli (verified owner)

    This pedal is sturdy, small and works very well! transparent and very useful to bypass the signal of non true bypass pedals. I highly recommend it. Very nice graphic!

  3. Nick (verified owner)

    This pedal is very well built and does the job with zero fuss. Absolutely no effect on the sound at all… it is totally transparent.

  4. Andy L (verified owner)

    This pedal is fantastic!

    Being new to the whole looper deal I found myself asking a lot of questions about how to set one up luckily Ben was like yoda answering the questions I was asking

    Pedal it’s self is very easy to set up! it’s made switching from clean to rhythm very easy

    Great job Ben!

  5. Giorgio C (verified owner)

    Very Good and useful Pedal!I play a single channel amp with gain always high, so I buyed the gallows and the leech attenuator in order to keep on all my effect pedals and go from high overdriven sound to clean Just by pushing a butto n!

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