Skinny Little Twins – Dual Momentary Footswitch


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Perform all manner of hands-free brilliance with your amps, multi-effects units, pedals and loopers with the dual footswitch power of the Skinny Little Twins.

Earn up to 56 Vein Tap Points.


Dual Momentary Footswitch with Stereo Output

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough footswitches on a pedal. This can be a pain even when you’re in your room practicing, having to bend over to mess with a pedal’s controls, let alone when you’re onstage, where making a performance look effortless can be the difference between impressing and really impressing your audience. What you need is a dual momentary footswitch.

And so, we at thought we’d help you out with the Skinny Little Twins. This great, compact twin footswitch plugs into amps, multi-effects units, and higher-end effects pedals like the Boss RC-series Loop Stations to give your feet greater control, freeing up your hands for playing, showing off, and casting shadow puppets whilst gigging (don’t do this; it impresses no one. We checked).

This dual footswitch can be used to select your amp program, change memory banks, stop and start looping playback and, of course, tap in the tempo. Simply connect your Skinny Little Twins using a stereo patch cable and see how much they can help you out!

Have a cheeky watch of this video of us using the Skinny Little Twins with a Line 6 HX Stomp to see how handy they are.

And it’s not just effects pedals. You can control amps galore – Roland’s CUBE XL series of guitar amps, for instance, all love having the Skinny Little Twins plugged into them to control their parameters.

These footswitches use a stereo output, so make sure you’ve got a stereo patch cable to use it with, or only one of the Skinny Little Twins’ switches will work. If you’re a bit confused as to what’s going on, please use the Contact Us page and we’ll let you know exactly what it is you need.

Soft Touch and Hard Click – Normally Open and Normally Closed

We’ve updated the Skinny Little Twins so that now you have a choice of hard click and soft touch footswitches, each in either Normally Open or Normally Closed flavours. Normally Closed works with Boss and Roland gear, and Normally Open works with pretty much anything else – again, Contact Us if you’re confused as to which option you need.

Buy a Skinny Little Twins now! It makes more sense than bacon!

Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch Face

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Additional information

Weight 0.146 kg
Dimensions 92 × 38 × 32 mm

Hard Click, Soft Touch


Normally Open, Normally Closed

57 reviews for Skinny Little Twins – Dual Momentary Footswitch

  1. Mal Price (verified owner)

    I’m using these sexy little twins with a HX stomp and I must say, they’ve turned an already good unit into an awesome stage rig. They’re smooth, have a small footprint and have a hoard of uses on the HX stomp,(patch up/down, snapshot up/down, effect on/off, tuner, tap tempo etc etc)
    The build quality is excellent and should stand a tough life on the road, if my other vein-tap pedal is anything to go by.
    It’s not my first purchase from and it won’t be the last !
    A special thank you must be given for keeping prices low whilst most manufacturers have escalated for one reason or another .

  2. novakid

    What a glorious pedal. I received this as a gift and it’s a great addition to my board. Paired with my Andy Timmons /Keeley HALO it’s able to move through presets with simplicity. Ben was kind enough to send wiring diagram and instructions for an alternative function to get lights to trigger amp settings too. Awesome enclosure and I love the RED.

  3. mattperry909 (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Bought to add to a line6 pod go allows me to access some secondary parameters on some the pedals within the pod go! Well built! Solid little unit fits great on my board!

  4. ian.freeman62 (verified owner)

    Great Pedal I brought it to work with my Street Cube 2 and it works a dream and its A snip of the price of the Boss pedal that does the same job.

    Well done guys.

  5. rcurtis42 (verified owner)

    Skinny little twins were perfect for what I needed, using as a footswitch for an RC-202, small and neat footprint, perfect for pedalboard real estate, fantastic value for money. Ben from vein-tap was also very helpful with my questions. Fully recommend.

  6. chris (verified owner)

    Bought the Skinny Little Twins pedal to work with my Boss GT-1000 – Core and it works great. Offers many advantages
    * It’s small footprint means it can squeeze into your pedal board leaving room for other pedals
    * Its white – means white / black text labels look great on it
    * its flat base means the Velcro sticks well
    * switches are quality with just the right amount of feel
    * 65mm switch spacing matches the spacing on my Boss multifunction pedals exactly so all perfectly spaced out and foot accessible.
    Very pleased – will be ordering another one to work with my Boss RC 10R Looper

  7. neil-7141 (verified owner)

    This pedal is ideal to use with the Boss RC3 looper. It’s small, but the switches are far enough apart that you don’t hit them by mistake. The main thing is it gets you away from the ‘double tap to stop loop’ maneouvre which is awkward on the boss looper if you haven’t got this pedal. Also nice that you don’t have to bend down to change which loop you’re on. Very good!

  8. newportroger (verified owner)

    This is a very versatile and useful pedal that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. I use it with my Helix Stomp, for which it really expands possibilities.

  9. grange.jon (verified owner)

    This pedal is amazing!
    I use it with a Boss RC1 looper, and it transforms how it can be used. Before, stopping and clearing a loop required a tricky double tap (it was tricky to time this just right), and an awkward moment where the loop started playback before being deleted. Now, it’s a much simpler process.
    The other button allows you to take out the last overdub, and put it back in again. You wouldn’t believe how useful this is!
    In short, if you’ve got a Boss looper, you need one of these!

  10. brandonvmeyers (verified owner)

    Works great for scrolling through my Kemper profiles. Looks cool too!

  11. METALFURY (verified owner)

    Cracking little pedal and helpful comms from Ben. I use this for bank switching on my Boss MS-3; it works perfectly and looks great on the pedal board. The pedal itself is sturdily built and uses good components, would happily recommend 🙂

  12. ady (verified owner)

    Neat little solution that takes up very little space. Works a treat. Enough space to attach labels too.
    Got the Normally Closed Soft Switch version which works brilliantly with the Boss RC-10R. Half the price of buying the Boss switches, which are also pretty ugly..(!)

  13. joe (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit, bought the hard switching version to go with my Boss RC-30 and using this additional switch, the Boss finally makes sense to me now. Previously couldn’t work out the pedal dance to switch patches or stop, plugging this in makes a world of difference. Wired up my own shorter stereo cable and it’s a lovely addition to my pedalboard, now looking at getting a tap tempo for my shiny new DD-8 too.

  14. murdochdandelion (verified owner)

    I love my Vein Tap Skinny Little twins pedal. Have got a hard click and soft touch and must say I really like the soft touch! Works great with my Boss Rc505 loopstation and Helix LT! Really small footprint and no need for power/battery!

    Thanks Vein Tap!

  15. taddeus.bohemia (verified owner)

    Great value. Well engineered construction. It is extremely compact but very robust. I am using it with my Boss RC-30 looper and it operates as expected adding the required functionality of a dual foot switch. I liked, very much, the whole buying and delivery experience. Very good personalised customer service. Well done! I hope you continue to develop for the benefit of us all.

  16. Jamie McCloy (verified owner)

    Great wee foot switch. Using it alongside my boss rc3

  17. John Gibson (verified owner)

    Great little foot switch. Very sturdy for it’s size. I use it for bypass and tap tempo on my TC Electronics M300 FX processor. I really wish it had leds though and if one becomes available from Vein-Tap I will definitely buy.

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    I have actually just taken delivery of two versions of this pedal for two different applications.
    They are high quality, compact, alternatives to more expensive Brand Named pedals.

    For a Pigtronix Infinity looper, I have a Skinny Little twins with soft touch switches and a TRS jack out. It uses Normally open switches.

    For an Alesis SR16 drum machine, same thing albeit with two individual mono 1/4″ jack sockets. These soft touch switches are excellent. Positive action yet silent in operation.

    The switches are solidly built and compact. I attach them to my Pedaltrain pedalboard using nylon tie wraps instead of Velcro…they don’t move.

    As it happens, the SR16 had to go but the Skinny Little Twins remain being versatile and useful as dual individual footswitches…think Tap Tempo for example.

    Fantastic little product.

  19. gunnar.jahr (verified owner)

    Dear Ben. This tiny little wery affordable footswitch is exactly what I needed. Wery sturdy, and works great with my Roland Cube for switching between channels and effects, and no noise or any problem at all. And not to forget; I experience the contact with Vein-Tap wery friendly and sevice-minded. Best regard GJ/Norway

  20. Gav_King (verified owner)

    Very please with this solid little pedal. Great quality and half the price and size of it’s main competitor!
    I bought this to use with the Boss RC-3 but it’s also compatible with my Kemper so it’ll be utilised for that too!! Bonus.

  21. craig.shoosmith5 (verified owner)

    I use this pedal with my Axe-Fx II XL as a means of switching scenes up or down.
    This works really well, and as many of my presets are created per song, so I simply tap up through each scene as the song progresses. This saves a huge amount of tap-dancing and keeps thins accurate.

    I used to use the one with the latching switches but I recently replaced it with the soft switch version. This is much easier and more comfortable.

    It’s a very rugged, roadworthy pedal, and fits neatly on the corner of my pedal board, so it’s right where I need it.

  22. markwhitefoot (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to my RC3. Functions as advertised, plus the soft touch is a really nice addition.

    Killer pedal and great customer service. I will definitely be ordering again!

  23. Michael Holmes (verified owner)

    I bought a boss rc3 loop pedal, and quickly realised I would have problems double tapping to stop the thing, so I looked around and found the skinny twins foot switch. Problem solved, works a treat. Pretty well made and good value for money.

  24. mallen (verified owner)

    This is a cracking quality option for those seeking a compact solution. I opted for the soft switches and I’m glad I did. It really makes a huge difference and I can’t see myself choosing the old type in the future.

    If you have a BOSS RC-3 and really want to keep things compact whilst making it easy and intuitive to use, then go for the Soft Touch Normally Closed box and pick up a half decent quality TRS short cable (I use Visiosound) and you’re set. Top level communication always helps so thanks Ben!

  25. Robert Carleton (verified owner)

    Ordered one of these last year with soft switches to compliment my DD-500. Works really well and opens up the pedal to more control and options. Highly recommended.

  26. james wooldridge

    Perfect in every way! Makes using my RC-3 so much easier!! Thank you so much… great product and fast shipping!

  27. Malcolm Cox (verified owner)

    Just got one of these, I am very glad I discovered this pedal, perfect alternative to the Boss FS-6 which is just too bulky (and more expensive!) for my pedalboard. Now I have three control switches for my Boss GT-1 instead of the standard one which makes it much more usable in a live situation. Love the soft switches, also the size is just right, I can step on both switches at once easily if needed, but they are far enough apart that you won’t do that accidentally when you just want to press one. Great advice by email when I wasn’t sure which version would be compatible, I wish more companies were as quick and helpful. I’d highly recommend this pedal, it just does the job well, is well made and looks cool too!

  28. vein-tap99 (verified owner)

    Bought to use instead of the Boss/Roland FS-6 with a Boss RC-3 Looper pedal (Normally closed and soft-touch).
    The soft touch switches are great, helping you to keep accurately in time.
    Switch 1 allows you to do 2 things you can’t do with the RC-3 switch alone:-
    1) Stop a loop with a single click
    2) Clear the current loop without partial playback of the loop (via press and hold).
    Switch 2 allows you to change preset.
    Of course, the FS-6 does this too, but it’s a lot bigger and twice the price.
    Now going to get another for a newly purchased Boss EV-8 pedal….

  29. attractandkill (verified owner)

    I have a skinny little twin and a vein-tap on my pedalboard.
    Both with soft, momentary normally open knobs. Smooth switching without a noise.
    For controlling functions of my Kemper profiling amp there is no better way.
    The Kemper remote is overdose for my needs. To big, heavy and to many unused functions.
    I testet it at home, in rehearsal and live.
    Only after live situations I know if something on my board really works out.
    And it does. Although the skinny little twins is so tiny the space between the knobs is enough to have controlled access without unintentionally pushing both knobs. Great!
    And I love the clear awesome look and painting. My board has to be reduced to the necessary functions. Nothing more.
    For me as a singer and guitarplayer I have to control my board within a microsecond or blind.
    The vein-tap switchers offer exactly this.
    And once again…the coolness factor of my pedealboard raised to the maximum.
    I am in love!
    And as a gear nerd this is no naturalness because I am really picky.
    Thank you Ben.


  30. member (verified owner)

    Very useful little pedal. Well built and good value for money.

  31. Maximilian Faith (verified owner)

    I just got my Skinny Little Twins in the mail today and I love it! I placed an order about a week and a half ago and Ben answered all of my questions via text/email within minutes and also shipped my pedal the same day.

    I’m using the Skinny Little Twins with the Boss RC-1 Loop Station. The manual for the RC-1 recommends the Boss FS-7 which costs $55 dollars and looks/feels sort of awkward next to all my boutique stomp boxes. I’m so glad I went with the Skinny Little Twins instead. This pedal cost about half as much and looks great!

    Although I ordered the “hard click/normally closed” options the switches are actually quite easy to press down. I love it! The Skinny Little Twins has transformed my RC-1 from a practice tool to a practical performance tool! Sweet!

  32. member (verified owner)

    The pedal is well built and works perfectly. Very impressed with the service from Vein-Tap – good communication and quick delivery.

  33. dpmm_medland (verified owner)

    I have been using the skinny little twins with my Boss RC3 Looper pedal. I can now control stop playback/recording, tap tempo and scrolling up and down the patch banks, it’s the perfect compliment to this pedal. It even works on my ME-70 unit on both reverb and pre amp functions. At half the price of a Boss foot switch with no loss in performance – it is an awesome piece of kit. Small, compact, well built like a Russian T58 Tank it is made to last. It arrived promptly, well packed and worked straight out of the box. In short; it’s performance is excellent, aesthetically pleasing, space minimising and passive so no power supply needed – it even smells good! I bet it even tastes good too (no, I’m kidding!) Just make sure you have a stereo patch lead to get full functionality from both switches. 5 STARS !

  34. Barrie (verified owner)

    Looks great, very well built and arrived swiftly. Bought to use with my Boss RC-3 and it works a treat. Great price too.

  35. T Nesteb (verified owner)

    Amazing little pedal! Use it with my Boss RC-3 looper. Great for stopping the looper without double tapping + switch between loops. Also tried it on my Zoom G2.1u and new possibilities opened up. Great to start/stop the drum machine whithout fiddling with a little knob. The G2.1u can be programmed for different uses of this extra controller.
    My only complaint is that the buttons where hard to push down. Will hopefully be smoother after some use.
    Great service – delivered quickly and my questions answered in no time. Buy one if you have the RC-2 or RC-3.

  36. Jan (verified owner)

    Love it! I’m using it with my RC-3 Looper. Just great! Solid and looks clean. The service of Vein-tap is great too. They contact me because of a mistake I made with my order. Thanks again!

  37. Evan (verified owner)

    Fantastic pedal. Very well made and have no worries stomping on this regularly. Works perfectly with my rc-2. Great company, great pedal, great service.

  38. jmccmcg

    I love it already. Using it with a Boss RC-3 Loop station. Very well made and solid. Small footprint and no batteries to ever worry about. Very fast delivery, only ordered it yesterday morning. Has made my looping life so much easier. Very happy and will certainly be telling my friends about it. I would recommend it very highly.

  39. andysolomon1974 (verified owner)

    Once again, what more can I say. These guys are brilliant. Fantastic, solid, well made, different looking product. Robust and does the job perfectly and at a great price. If you are considering buying one of these, just do it, you won’t look back. Support Vein-Tap! 🙂

  40. Pascal (verified owner)

    I received my Skinny Little Twins – Dual Momentary Footswitch and it’s super cool.
    Small footprint, well built and durable.
    Using it with the Beat Buddy and it works a treat.
    Nice work Vein tap.

  41. animaniac3k . (verified owner)

    Great pedal. So good I got a second one. I am using it with a Roland Cube and works a charm. Sturdy and stylish.

  42. David (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I’m using it with my Boss GT100. A lot cheaper in price and smaller than the Boss equivalent. The pedal itself however is not in any way cheap. It is robust and reliable… Loving it! Thank you Vein-Tap!

  43. Neil (verified owner)

    I was looking for an alternative to using two Boss FS-5U momentary switches with my Roland TD-8 electric drum kit; the Skinny Little Twins fulfill the two-switch functionality perfectly, allowing me to toggle rhythm patterns or kits or perform sequencer operations with my feet without having to stop drumming… as an example, this means I can play bass guitar whilst switching song parts with my feet, or I can change drum-sets whilst playing to expand the range of sounds available to me – brilliant!
    For anyone else looking to use the SLT in the same way, I found that the TD-8 ‘reads’ the left pedal as ‘switch 2’ and the right as ‘switch 1’ in terms of the stereo ‘channels’ but as the TD-8 allows each pedal function to be assigned manually, that doesn’t matter in the slightest.
    Excellent product, very good value and working well so far!

  44. Tim K (verified owner)

    Fantastic companion for my Boss RC-3, although it would be good to provide a 1/4″ TRS cable as part of the package.

  45. Marc C

    I discovered the Skinny Little Twins pedal whilst searching for a Boss pedal that does the same job. The Boss pedal costs more than twice as much and is more than twice as big. This purchase was a no brainer. I bought 2 and they take up such a small amount of space on my pedal board = Awesome To The Max

  46. John B (verified owner)

    Bought it to control a Boss DR 770 drum machine. Drum machine and switch both have a stereo jack so 1 stereo cable is all that’s needed. Alternatives involved 2 single switches or a double switch with 2 outputs still needing a splitter, so they would have been bulky and expensive in comparison.
    Skinny Little Twin is small light robust and perfectly functional. Also very visible with its white paint. I love it, as much as anyone can love a switch.

  47. Iain S (verified owner)

    Does exactly what is says it does ! Using with RC-3 and I wish I had met my Skinny Little Twins earlier. No more missing cues using a double tap on the RC-3 or breaking my back to select another loop.

    Highly recommended, great value, built like a tank & looks great !

  48. Martin

    Tiny, built like a tank and no batteries required. Momentary switches so it works flawlessly with the Kemper Profiling Amp for rig changing (Go into “System” scroll to page 8 > set pedal to “Switch (Stereo)” and you’re good to go. Lifetime guarantee. Absolutely worth every penny. Thanks Vein-Tap.

  49. Gerben N

    This tiny dual switch works perfect with my Boss RC-3. Tap a loop before playing, one click loop stop, skip through the presets, all with this little switch. Just great! Good price, high quality.

  50. Fabio R (verified owner)

    yes, it’s arrived today and everything goes fine!
    good job!
    So, I’ve saved space on my DIY pedalboard!

  51. Tom M (verified owner)

    This pedal is amazing, I love the simple design and the small size, it’s way smaller than my other channel switcher and allows much more room. It also looks so much better

  52. Nick H (verified owner)

    Needed a replacement for my H&K amp’s dual footswitch and the Skinny Little Twins pedal looked perfect for the job. The momentary switches were kindly swapped out for latching at no extra cost and it looks great on my board. Can’t fault service or pedal quality, top stuff.

  53. Frederic D (verified owner)

    Great product at affordable price, this compact switch fits perfectly on my pedal board and is the perfect partner to my Boss Rc-3. Customer service was equally good, quick and helpful.

  54. David O (verified owner)

    I bought this hoping it would work with the Pigtronix Infinity looper, which the manual states requires a a dual momentary switch, and so this appeared ideal. Sadly, it does not work in the way required, so whether the fault is the SLT, the switches or the terminology I can’t be sure. The Infinity functions fine with a different switch box, so I know it’s not the pedal. Thus not sure if one person’s momentary switch is another’s latch or whatever. On the plus side, the actual delivery time was impressively swift, just a bit let-down and perplexed by the product, without really knowing what the issue might be,

  55. Simon M (verified owner)

    Does what it says it does, which is also what I want it to do. Stylish, well built, cute, all at a reasonable cost. Nice one, guys, and thank you.

  56. Canberk K

    Great pedal indeed. It makes using loop pedals much easier, gives you more hands-free capability. It’s very compact so it can fit in any pedalboard. It’s also much cheaper than its competitors. Very recommended.

  57. mikeh78 (verified owner)

    Fantastic pedal! Well made, quickly dispatched and I got great advice on compatibility by e-mail too. I’m using this with Stealthpedal/Amplitube and it’s definitely made my setup awesomer!
    I’m incredibly pleased. Jolly well done Vein Tap! ^_^

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