Saint Rock Distortion Pedal

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Evoking the majestic British roar of the original Marshall Silver Jubilee amp, the Saint Rock Distortion Pedal distills anthemic wall-of-sound tone it in a tiny red box. Classic rock mojo at its most stylish, only from

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Stacked Amp Tone from a Tiny Distortion Pedal

In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was Rock. Introducing the Saint Rock Distortion Pedal; the biggest rock distortion tone you’ll ever hear in the smallest box you’ll ever see. Listen to its beautiful roar in this Tone Demo Video:

Pure Rock Pedigree

Saint Rock has been designed to invoke the sound of an original Marshall Silver Jubilee, one of the most famous rock n roll amps there is. Essentially a JCM800 modified to offer darker, hotter tone, this is the amp Slash used playing live from the original Appetite for Destruction tour, all the way through all of Guns n Roses, Slash’s Snakepit and his own name tours.

Using a dark and powerful magic, we drained a living Silver Jubilee amp’s essence and used it to make Saint Rock. Three simple controls allow you to inject the sound of a classic Marshall amp into your rig, with all the full, throaty lows, powerful mids and present-but-not-harsh top end. Some distortion pedals can sound mushy, and can be easily lost in the mix as the bassist swallows your lows and the drummer’s cymbals eat your highs. Not Saint Rock. He was born to jam with the band and almost physically twitches in anticipation of making you the supreme ruler of both the practice room and the stage.

More Than Just a Roar

Of course, there’s more to Saint Rock than this-one-goes-to-eleven. Any distortion pedal worth having can offer a range of tones, including light crunch. With the Distortion control at 0, Saint Rock offers a classy, slightly-dirty flavour that you could play on any blues, pop or soft rock song. Turn this control to add more distortion until you find your own sweet spot. Or two, or three.

Saint Rock can kick out a fantastic amount of volume. It’s unlikely you’ll ever get above the midway point. That’s not a challenge. (Well, maybe slightly.)

Topping Saint Rock off is a tone control which allows you to choose how dark or how bright your overall tone is. Again, there are several sweet spots to be found on this control, and hours of fun can be had finding your ideal rock tone.

Perfect with Clean or Crunch Amp Tones

Saint Rock does a wonderful job of turning your cleaner-than-clean tones into snarling beasts, but that’s not all it can do. Match Saint Rock in his midranges to an already crunchy amp tone, and you’ll hear sounds so beautitful you won’t be able to put your guitar down for days. Check out the Tone Demo video above to hear how effective Saint Rock can be at taking a crunch amp tone to wicked new extremes.

Saint Rock Distortion Pedal Face

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