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EYES - Vein-Tap.com Artist Profile


Copenhagen’s hardcore scene must be a punishing place indeed to produce a band as heavy as EYES. Voices whisper secrets and speak only truths “Why do you put up with yourself?” Deep, heavy, powerful and insightful lyrics meet a fifty foot firewall of harsh hardcore noise. What we wouldn’t give to see EYES tour with…

This Too Shall Pass

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all well and safe. 2020 was… well, a nightmare, wasn’t it? Not least for us musicians – as if following our passion for music wasn’t already tough enough, COVID-19 caused arguably the worst global disruption in a generation, and removed the ability to play live music completely. All this…

Therapy? | Vein-Tap.com Artist


One of the UK’s leading alternate bands, Therapy?’s career stretches back through the ages, and includes staple alternate albums such as Troublegum, Infernal Love, Never Apologise Never Explain and 2018’s monolithic Cleave. Frontman Andy Cairns uses the Leech and the Little Horn Boost into a Marshall JCM800 amp, allowing for three flavours of a classic…

Control of the Going

Control of the Going

When a member of Inspiral Carpets calls you “cool as f**k”, you know you’re onto a winner. Control of the Going began in Manchester in July 2015 to become one “of the best new bands in town”. So far, they have featured as the Real Radio XS “Future Classic” band for July 2015, and have…

Rival Bones

Rival Bones

A rock power duo, formed in Liverpool in 2014, Rival Bones make a torrent of rock noise which puts them in the same sonic leagues as DZ Deathrays and Royal Blood. Currently making the stages of the UK small festival circuit creak under the sheer weight of their desert rock inspired riffs, the band has…

Pat McManus

The Pat McManus Band are a rock/blues trio hailing from Ireland, headed up by former Mama’s Boys and Celtus guitarist, violinist and singer song writer Pat McManus. The ‘PMB’ line up is completed by former ‘More Power To Your Elbow’ powerful drummer Paul Faloon and rhythmic and solid former country music and session bass player…

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus are legendary in goth rock circles. Hailing from the still-beating heart of beautiful gloomy music itself – Gothenburg – Canis Lupus have recently been resurrected by guitarist Christer after finding that the modern world still thirsted for the band’s music, initially created in the early 2000s, and laid to rest in 2006. The…

Athena's Word

Athena’s Word

Melodic hardcore from the Netherlands, Athena’s Word marry the brutality of unrelenting hardcore with surprisingly tender melodies – always delivered with ferocious tenacity. Savage vocal delivery, slamming riffs and shout-along choruses make the band’s debut EP Lasting Legacy a truly promising release. Check them out! Lasting Legacy by Athena's Word

Little Horn Clean Boost Pedal

The Little Horn Gets a v2.0 Upgrade

One of the first ever proper effects pedals we ever released, the Little Horn, gets an upgrade this month. We needed a circuit board fabrication run, having sold all of the v1.0 PCBs, and thought we’d use this opportunity to improve the pedal. We’ve changed the circuit so that turning the Boost control no longer…

Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch

The Skinny Little Twins Gets an Update

Exciting news for anyone with a Roland Amp, a Boss RC series looper, or any Boss effects pedal which makes use of a dual momentary footswitch – the Skinny Little Twins just got updated so that now, you’re able to choose between soft-touch and hard click footswitches, with each coming in Normally Open and Normally…



Earth-shaking, tooth-loosening, neighbour-offending doom from the dark heart of France. Herscher is a three piece doom band who sound more like three noble heavy metal armies laying siege to each other than three men on stage. Through a mix of alternately aggressive and plaintive vocal lines, layers of mountainous distortion, and tempos slow enough to…

Jack Hinks

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Jack Hinks Band fuses the heart of Jack’s solo material, with the teeth of a six piece band. Combining violins, piano, drums, bass, guitar and a wall of vocals The Jack Hinks Band create an eclectic mix of sounds and genres that will refuse to leave your head for days.…

Minus Pilots

With only one electric bass and a volume controller each, a scattering of analogue delay/looping pedals and a broken four-track cassette tape recorder, Minus Pilots weave together sparse textures, crumbling atmospheres and fractured drones with currents of gentle crackle. Their music has been published by Champion Version, Dronarivm, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Fake Jazz, Futurerecordings, Panic…

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal

SAINT DOOM Arises: Premium Fuzz in a Tiny Box

Following on from the Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal  at the beginning of the year, through the Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal in November, we’ve just announced this little beauty: smaller, more affordable, yet several stages more aggressive that its angelic cousins, this is SAINT DOOM. He’s a terrifying fuzz pedal, designed to bring the hairiest, filthiest…

Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal

The Angel of Rock Arises

This little beauty is the Angel of Rock. it was designed to be the greatest and best rock distortion pedal you can possibly get hold of, with a tone reminiscent of the Marshall JTM45. Simple to use, with Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs, a Rhythm / Lead toggle switch and a three-position Bass Tamer toggle…

Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone

Thomas creates his immersive music using contrabassoon, samplers, loop pedals and activated percussion. Audiences are taken on a Journey through dissonant rumblings undercut by cyclic rhythms breaking to moments of fragile beauty. Blurring the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound production the compositions explore themes of ritual and presence.

The Rooz

The Rooz

The Rooz are a sickeningly talented band, especially when you factor in how young they are. Mixing loud, old fashioned rock n roll guitar playing with pop hooks and catchy songwriting, the band have made a proper good job of 2014, culminating in the band staging a spectacular closing set at the 2014 Music For…

Soul Aside

Soul Aside

Soul Aside is a rock band formed in 2010 and based in Barcelona. Influenced by many musical styles and bands such as A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Oceansize or Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós and Deftones, the band has developed its own sound around rich and personal compositions.