Horrenda are one of those wonderful bands which can encapsulate a certain mood or feeling perfectly. In their case, it’s crushing, oppressive darkness, perfect for those days when the world itself seems like it’s out to get you. Horrenda’s music is the perfect soundtrack to dark times, allowing the listener to confront, process, and, once experienced, cauterise life’s depressing aspects – making it, ultimately, cathartic.

Horrenda started as an experimental black metal solo studio project of Darragh “Outis” O’Connor in 2015. Taking elements from raw black metal, death metal and other atmospheric ambient influences; the goal was from the start to push the genre into something unique crafted from pure atmosphere and intent.

Here at Vein-Tap.com we like our metal black, loud and raw, and Dublin’s lucky to have these depraved blacksmiths, capable as they are of such ‘orrible noise.