Line 6 HX Stomp External Footswitch Guide

Evenin’ all – welcome to our Line 6 HX Stomp External Footswitch Guide. I’ve just put together a very quick video demo on how to configure your Line 6 HX Stomp to accept an external dual footswitch. Check it out:

Here’s the text guide, for copy/pasting purposes:

  1. Press both Page buttons at the same time, and hit Page > once to see the Global Settings menu. Open it with the corresponding button.
  2. Use the main dial to head over to Preferences.
  3. Ensure that the Footswitch Mode for both EXP/FS Tip and EXP/FS Ring are set to FS4 and FS5, respectively.
  4. If you’re using the recommended Normally Open type footswitches, leave Tip Polarity and Ring Polarity to Normal. If you’ve got a Normally Closed type dual footswitch, change both Tip and Ring Polarity to Inverted.
  5. Use the main dial to head over to Footswitches.
  6. Here, you can choose the functions that FS4 and FS5 perform, including Bank Up/Down, Snapshot Up/Down, Preset Up/Down, FS Mode Up/Down, All Bypass, Toggle EXP, and Stomp 4/5.
  7. Press View and Action at the same time to save the settings – and BAM, you’re done.

I hope this helps! Adding an extra 2 footswitches to the HX Stomp is an absolute boon, so please share the video and this guide to ensure that your fellow rockstars have this Line 6 HX Stomp External Footswitch Guide to hand.

Still looking for the right footswitch for your HX Stomp? That’s easy – the Skinny Little Twins is what you need.

Thanks for reading!