Therapy? | Artist

One of the UK’s leading alternate bands, Therapy?’s career stretches back through the ages, and includes staple alternate albums such as Troublegum, Infernal Love, Never Apologise Never Explain and 2018’s monolithic Cleave.

Frontman Andy Cairns uses the Leech and the Little Horn Boost into a Marshall JCM800 amp, allowing for three flavours of a classic rock beast. Says Andy: ‘Our guitar tech, Stevie Firth recently got some pedals off you to use in my rig. I just wanted to say, wow… what a difference they made to the sound, they’re incredible. I had a lot of complements on the sound from the fans, support band and musicians that were at the shows. One session guitarist that attended a show in Dundalk asked “how on earth did you get a Gibson SG to sound kind that?”. ‘

Praise indeed from a true legend of rock!