Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal

Following on from the Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedal  at the beginning of the year, through the Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal in November, we’ve just announced this little beauty: smaller, more affordable, yet several stages more aggressive that its angelic cousins, this is SAINT DOOM.

He’s a terrifying fuzz pedal, designed to bring the hairiest, filthiest fuzz tones to even the cleanest, sweetest amps. The single Doom knob controls the output volume, and you can use your guitar’s volume knob (or a Leech Passive Volume Attenuator) to control the amount of fuzz available. At full whack, Saint Doom creates thick layers of commanding, sinful metal / post rock fuzz akin to Behemoth or My Dying Bride; roll your guitar volume off and you can go to Hendrixian, 70s fuzz tone. Saint Doom plays beautifully with other pedals and amps – he can lend equally beautiful tones to crunched and already distorted amps – and he’s also small enough for even the most efficient nano pedal boards.

Affordable, handmade, lifetime-guaranteed fuzz tone designed and built right here in the UK – what better way to start 2016?

Click here to find out now sinfully good the Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal sounds.