Skinny Little Twins Dual Momentary Footswitch

Exciting news for anyone with a Roland Amp, a Boss RC series looper, or any Boss effects pedal which makes use of a dual momentary footswitch – the Skinny Little Twins just got updated so that now, you’re able to choose between soft-touch and hard click footswitches, with each coming in Normally Open and Normally Closed varieties.

NC or NO, ST or HC – All Flavours of Dual Momentary Footswitch

So, what’s stopped us from doing this years ago? Basically, Normally Closed soft touch footswitches were like golddust here in the UK, and were priced accordingly. We’ve been trying to source a supplier which could get them to us for a good price… and then we thought, the Hell with it, let’s just broker a deal with the manufacturer. Which we did, and now we can offer normally closed, soft touch momentary footswitches at a price that won’t ruin you.

Have a peek at the new, soft touch, normally closed Skinny Little Twins controlling a Boss RC-30 Loop Station to see how sexy this new form of Twins is:

All forms of Skinny Little Twins are in stock and available now, so please do head on over to the product page to choose which one’s right for you.

Thanks for reading – hope this has been helpful!