Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Probably the most common use for a tap tempo pedal is alongside a delay pedal with a tap tempo input (such as our very own Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal). Delay is one of the most commonly used guitar effects, as it fattens up tone and gives a beautiful sense of space and magnitude. Back in the day, guitarists, bassists and keyboard players had to either carefully set up precision timings and stick rigorously to a set tempo (oftentimes having to lean very heavily on drummers, which can be hazardous) or merely leave it alone, and hope for the best.

Tap Tempo Delay Sounds Huge!

This can be a problem if tempo is important. “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2 (or, come to mention it, almost any track The Edge plays on), for just one example, relies heavily on dotted 8th notes to create incredibly wide sound sculptures for a large part of its brilliant sound. Getting that timing just right is key; too quick, and your tone gets crowded, to slow, and it sounds thinner and less impressive than it could.

Fortunately, it’s not a problem any more. A tap tempo option is becoming standard on all good delay pedals, as tap tempo switches like the Vein Tap can solve that problem on the stage. If your drum machine loses battery life and slows down, if your drummer loses time, or the song you’re playing contains different time signatures, using a simple tempo switch makes it a breeze to change the rate of your delay even as you’re onstage, wowing crowds. Or practicing in your box room, whichever.

Want to see this in practice? Check out this video, which demonstrates the tap tempo capabilities of our Holy Era tap tempo delay pedal:

Ain’t it beautiful?

Happy tapping!

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