Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Why You Need a Tempo Tap

There’s nothing worse, as a band or as a solo artist, than being out of time. If one section is playing quicker or slower than the other sections, you can forget it. Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Steve Vai, Brian May – they’re all geniuses and gods, no doubt about it, with incredible, virtuous skills. But if they weren’t able to play their incredible licks, riffs and solos in perfect time, they’d still be in the garage, sending demos and screaming at a metronome, trying to ignore the fact that they’ve got to be at work in an hour.

So why would you treat your effects any differently?

Sync Your Effects

It’s possible you’ve come here to see what a Tempo Tap can do for your delay pedal, and that’s perfect. But it’s not only delay pedals a tempo tap can work for; you can use it alongside phasers and other modulation effects to set a perfect rate in relation to the song you’re playing live. There’s a great aural response to hearing a mod pedal rise and fall in perfect time with the drummer. It can sometimes be the crucial link between an audience thinking “These guys are good” and “These guys are amazing, so tight, man”. They might not know why you’re sounding to in sync with the other guys in the band, but you will. Linking your Vein Tap to a Boss PH-3 is just one example of how to achieve this brilliance.

It’s Not Just Delay – But We Do Love It

Of course, the Vein Tap is a match made in heaven for any delay pedal which accepts a tempo tap, including our very own Holy Era Tap Tempo Delay Pedal (check out our Compatibility Article to see if we’ve already confirmed other makers’ delay pedals, or Contact Us to get us to investigate your pedal for you). Setting the delay rate with a Vein Tap allows you complete, on-the-fly control of your delay. Getting that perfect tempo for your post-punk or post-rock songs is a┬ácinch. If you’re not so fussy with perfect tempos, however, a Vein Tap is still useful; you can go from a sweet slapback delay to a space-filling, slower echo with just a few kicks, great for when it’s your turn to solo.

Each Vein Tap is as Unique as the Players Who Use Them

Manufacturing Vein Taps is awesome fun. Once they’re drilled, soldered and tested by hand (no robots are used, we’re afraid they’ll turn on us) we get to paint them. We prime and top coat them, and then comes the red. We fling it on like Dexter, and we don’t do it gracefully, either. We go nuts.

This means that each and every Vein Tap is totally unique and beautiful. Does the splattering ever go wrong? Not at all. They just keep looking more and more like they’ve been used to slay demons and councillors who complain about noise levels and performance licences.

It’s the only way to tell your pedals what to do.

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

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