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Saint Rock Distortion PedalSaint Rock Distortion Pedal Reverse

Saint Rock Distortion Pedal


Evoking the majestic British roar of an original Marshall Silver Jubilee amp, the Saint Rock Distortion Pedal distills anthemic wall-of-sound tone into a tiny red box. Classic rock mojo at its most stylish, only from

Holy Roar Distortion and Boost PedalHoly Roar Distortion and Boost Pedal Reverse

Holy Roar Distortion and Boost Pedal


A beautiful, full bodied distortion based on the Marshall JTM45, with a separate Boost channel, the Holy Roar is the distortion and boost pedal to rule them all.

Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0 Reverse

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal v2.0


Simple as a drummer, with a fuzz tone bigger than the end of the world, Saint Doom is the fuzz pedal you’ve been waiting for.

Angel of Rock Distortion PedalAngel of Rock Distortion Pedal Reverse

Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal


Summon the mighty Gods of Loud with the Angel of Rock Distortion Pedal from Small, mighty, stylish, and with a creamy, saturated rock distortion tone to die for.