All products are covered against mechanical failure caused by reasonable use until the end of time (as long as we’re still active!). If it stops serving dutifully, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you how and where to send it back to us to get it looked at. This guarantee only covers problems caused by appropriate use and NOT abuse – ie, if you break a pedal’s footswitch by stepping on it, or a pedal breaks after being dropped, we’ll repair or replace it. If, however, you drive over one of our pedals in your car, or microwave one (PLEASE don’t do either), that’s a different matter. This guarantee does not cover any knobs or any cosmetic damage.

The guarantee does not cover the paintwork of your pedal. However, if after thrashing your product you’d like to get the paintwork freshened up, but don’t want to pay out for another one when your haggard one still works perfectly, do not despair. We can get a fresh paint job arranged; Contact Us to find out how much it would be (normally no more than £5 + postage). adheres strictly to the Distance Selling Regulations (2000) in order to protect both you as a customer and our reputation as a fair and honest business; for more details, please visit