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Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost PedalOut of stock

Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost Pedal


The Holy Ghost Fuzz and Boost pedal takes the sound of the world ending – and makes it even louder. Huge, heavy, army-stoppingly good tones await, with an independent boost loud enough to bring any audience to its knees.

Angel of Doom Fuzz PedalOut of stock

Angel of Doom Fuzz Pedal


The Angel of Doom is an essential addition to your fuzz pedal collection. Based on an original ’78 op-amp Muff, but with a few additions to make it unique, the Angel of Doom can do anything from a touch of vintage hair to a thick firewall of fuzz, heavy enough to bring an entire empire to its knees. You have been warned.

Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0Saint Doom Fuzz pedal v2.0 Reverse

Saint Doom Fuzz Pedal v2.0


Simple as a drummer, with a fuzz tone bigger than the end of the world, Saint Doom is the fuzz pedal you’ve been waiting for.