A wonderful range of deadly killswitches. Take complete control over the life and death of your signal.

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Murder One Triple KillswitchMurder One Triple Killswitch Reverse

Murder One Triple Killswitch


Our ultimate killswitch. The Murder One Triple Killswitch can stutter your signal, kill it completely, and then bring it back to life with a momentary “unkill” switch. It’s the last and only killswitch you’ll ever need.

Murder One XLR KillswitchMurder One XLR Killswitch Reverse

Murder One XLR Killswitch


Silently and conveniently silence XLR signals with this small and stylish Murder One Killswitch from Vein-Tap.com.

Murder One Latching Killswitch with LEDMurder One Latching Killswitch with LED Reverse

Murder One Killswitch


Sometimes you love something so much, you have to kill it. Your tone should be no different. Maintain absolute silence between songs or create cool stutter effects with the Murder One killswitch.