Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Tempo Tap

Why You Need a Tempo Tap There’s nothing worse, as a band or as a solo artist, than being out of time. If one section is playing quicker or slower than the other sections, you can forget it. Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Steve Vai, Brian May – they’re all geniuses and gods, no doubt…

Vein Tap - Tap Tempo Pedal

Tap Tempo Pedal

Tap Tempo Pedal. Simple but Brilliant. Relying on a drummer to keep perfect time isn’t something you can really get away with. They’re brilliant, don’t get me wrong, without them we’d be screwed; but sometimes they’re quick (angry) and sometimes they’re slow (hungover). Back in the day, this meant having to re-calibrate all your time-sensitive… Logo Launches!

It’s done; it’s official; it’s finished; it’s ready. Yep, that’ll do. Over the next few days and weeks we’ll be including more videos, articles, hints, tips and tasty titbits relating to the most stylish tap tempo ever created. In the meantime, see what we’ve done so far, enjoy having a look around and maybe even……