One Year of!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having an awesome time of it? Today marks not only the one year anniversary of – it also marks the day you can make some sweet savings. only wants to get you rocking, so as a birthday treat, we’ve decided to release a 15% off coupon as a…

Boss RC3 Review from - Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Boss RC3 Review

Boss RC3 review by | Boss made the first digital sampler in compact pedal form in 1985, almost thirty years ago. That pedal – the DSD-2 – could record for less than a second, making it practically useless for anything except recording drone sounds. Fortunately, the Boss RC-3 Looper is much better, with up…

The Separator ABY Pedal

Announcing: The SEPARATOR AB/Y Switch

Having left it a while since the Noose True Bypass Looper, we’ve decided to launch the mighty SEPARATOR AB/Y switch. The SEPARATOR will split your signal to two outputs, which can then be selected one, the other, or both. The SEPARATOR has dual LED indicators to let you know which outs are selected, to take…

Vein Tap 2 - Dual Tap Tempo with Polarity Switch

The Vein Tap 2 Has Been Improved

Now then, now then. Here at, we’re not used to repeating ourselves (ahem) or pushing old products into new packages and calling them “new” (this one actually is true). However, we realised that the Vein Tap 2, the dual output tap tempo pedal we offer, could do with just a little tweaking. That’s why…

Leech Passive Volume Attenuator

Announcing: The Leech

Ladies and Gentlemen, we here at are beyond thrilled to announce The Leech. It’s a great little switch that can bleed a beautiful crunch or clean sound out of a lead amp channel, adding an extra dimension to your playing dynamics. CheckĀ The Leech Passive Volume AttenuatorĀ out here. Enjoy!