Swiss Rock and its very finest. Stämpf’s influences come from all over the place; you can hear crushingly heavy riffs in the vein of Volbeat, wah riffs inspired by Velvet Revolver era Slash, and even a little bit of first wave pop punk in the uplifting feel of the band’s songs. This four-piece are a proud rock band, just as comfortable delivering sing-along anthems at festivals and massive venues as they are packing out a sweatbox club and delivering their audience to the promised land of rock. The band’s eponymous album is perfect party music, and those lucky enough to live in Switzerland should check them out now; the rest of us likely won’t have long to wait before Stämpf becomes a US & Europe touring behemoth.

Guitarist Martin uses not one, but two Angel of Blues Overdrive Pedals to get his incredible tone. Oh yes.