Take control over the volume of your guitar with our range of true-bypass, noiseless and stylish volume pedals.

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Little Horn Clean Boost Pedal

Little Horn Guitar Boost Pedal v2.0

£69.95 £54.95

Your tone – but better! The Little Horn Guitar Boost Pedal gives your volume a clean, transparent but powerful boost, with up to +24dB available. Great for adding definition to your solos, or for pushing your amps and effects pedals to wicked extremes!

Leech Passive Volume AttenuatorLeech Passive Volume Attenuator Reverse

Leech Passive Volume Guitar Attenuator

£29.95 £24.95

With the ability to bleed a range beautiful crunchy or clean tones out of a lead tone, the Leech Volume Guitar Attenuator gives your amp a whole new dimension.