Freeze the Atlantic

Freeze the Atlantic arose phoenix-like from under intense pressure to match the critical respect of guitarist Andy Gilmour’s other band (Hundred Reasons) and drummer Guy Davis and bassist Jon Pearce’s previous band (Reuben). The band’s 2011 debut release, the EP Colour by Numbers released on Alcopop! Records, simultaneously silenced all critics and proved that, when done well, pop rock can rock harder than Casanova’s caravan.

Freeze the Atlantic have been growing their fanbase the old-fashioned way – through fantastic live shows and a strong setlist, the way rock bands did in the pre-Internet word-of-mouth, tape-trading days. Three full albums full of quality, catchy rock n roll songs have graced the public – 2012’s Speakeasy, 2014’s eponymous Freeze the Atlantic and 2017’s The People Are Revolting. Put simply, the band are one of the UK’s best underground acts and a staple of the festival circuit. Get yourself on them.