Gift Certificate


Purchase credit for use with anything available at, for any chosen amount, for yourself or for anyone else. Gift certificate codes are delivered instantly via email, and never expire.

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Nice and simple: buying a Gift Certificate allows you to get instant credit for any on-site purchase, either for yourself or for any friends / family members in need of a slice of pedal-based awesomeness. You're able to choose whether the gift certificate codes are emailed to yourself or to your intended recipient during checkout.

You can even buy more than one and send each gift certificate to different recipients, all at once. So, if you're looking to use a coupon we've emailed you, both yourself and a friend can benefit!

Create or log in to your account here at and you'll be able to check your credit amount whenever you like. Gift Certificates don't expire, so you don't have to worry about using them before a set date. They're also unique and assigned to your email address, or your lucky gift recipient's email address, so they can't be stolen by anyone else.

Buy a Gift Certificate now! It makes more sense than a fresh set of strings.